Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Park

Read about moss all the while and saw even in up-close thus suggested me to picture some. I really tried within lapse of seconds during which any passer-by was temporary blocked by the "twist and turn" of the trail. Yes, how can I get a good picture in seconds without a second or more try. I had not managed to dance with the moss successfully at where the moss grew picturesquely, somehow I did manage to do something on this trail as long as I want.

This is the path leading to a pavilion besides the stream with a series of falls that we can see at the background. A rolling stone gathers no moss, but spoils the moss. We do not have any rolling stone nor many people coming here, this is the reason why this moss could have stayed for all these times.

I was here hoping to uncover every hidden wonder that yet to be registered. I might not get it this time but continuous effort would surface a hoard of gold later.

Peeping leftward was one of the two car parks available at Cerok Tokun and this is the smaller among the two. Anyhow adding up both is still a problem for us during the peak hour in the morning. Then you may understand why I had to grab any opportunity happens within seconds if I wish to bend and squat for a lovely picture before I turn out to be a clown in front of the crowd.

This is a better parking lot whereby the other one seems to invite frequent visits of monkeys. I did see once a monkey played around on top of a car bending and pulling the aerial of car audio.

Not much excitement from today, but continuous non-stop excitement is tiring and harmful to health.

Good night...........


betchai said...

"Not much excitement from today, but continuous non-stop excitement is tiring and harmful to health."

---LOL, you made me really laugh :) and yeah, i do that sometimes too, looking around first before i bed and squat for a picture, afraid i will end up in someone's camera as a fun stock :)

Ratty said...

Sometimesa nice quiet story, like yours here, is every bit as good as one with a lot of action.

When I am taking pictures, I never worry about what others think, I pretend I am a great important photographer, and if they watch me they will learn something wonderful. Then if they bother me, I think of charging them for my time. :)

roentarre said...

This is a wonderful post showing the gimpse of rainforest life in the region. Similar to some of the forests here, believe it or not.

Good shots :)

rainfield61 said...

betchai: but no excitement makes me worry as well since I'll write nothing out of that. Hahaha....

Ratty: I must be recognised as a camera man sooner or later in the park. That's is fun.

roentarre: I do believe after visiting your site. I love your picture on ascending pathway.

Kim and Victoria said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
The moss is beautiful!
I think the cat would have lost a fight with a monkey very badly. We had pet monkeys when I was growing up.

The Fern and Mossery said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to exploring yours!

rainfield61 said...

Kim and Victoria: The forest itself is beautiful. There are surprises during my weekly visit.

The Fern and Mossery: You may find pictures of fern in my site from the past as well as in the future.

The Retired One said...

I am like Ratty, I pretend to be a professional photographer. Most times, the people stop until I am finished and just smile.

The Retirement Chronicles

Sharkbytes said...

Nice carpet of moss. I wonder how similar are the kinds you have to the kinds we have.