Thursday, April 2, 2009



The lotus flower in the garden has bloomed fully at dawn and the petals starts to fold back again at night. It always, by then, symbolizes spiritual enlightenment in Asian cultures.

Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yin in Chinese which means One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World is the most popular of the deity on Chinese altars, trusted and loved by all Chinese people. Image of Kuan Yin is often shown holding a rosary and a white lotus in the other.

The flower grows from the wet soil in the pot and emerges several centimeters from the water. It opens for just three days. The best companions in the pot are the peaceful little peacock fish which at the same time help to get rid of mosquito larvae.

The famous statement in Chinese literature "lotus emerges from the mud, yet it is unstained" has exerted an influence on the Chinese down to the present. But it is hard to relate any politician to this statement of purity.

The lotus leaves demonstrate another kind of beauty by its shape. They float on the water, hold and roll the morning dews and rain drops.

This lotus plant is always my favourite.


The Retired One said...

How beautiful! And educational.
It does mimic life and people, no doubt!

Ratty said...

I've seen pictures of Kuan Yin before. I'm glad to know a little bit about this deity now. It explains about things I've heard about lotus flowers.

Mike said...

Rainfield now I might be wrong but I thought the picture was a water lily? I thought there was a difference between lotus and water lily?

Put me right if I am off track.

Have a good weekend.

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: Try to write and share with you all on some of the Eastern culture is part of my aim.Hope you like it.

Ratty: Is a big surprise to me you know Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.

Mike: It is too confusing to differentiate between lotus and water lily. I have checked around before but not able to identify clearly. But reconfirmation after your comment, it looks more likely to be water lily. Thanks.

betchai said...

i love lotus and lily flowers but did not know about the story behind, thanks for sharing. i too could not distinguish very well between lotus and lily.