Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Dam

I shall take you to another new place at Cerok Tokun today. You must know that not many local people are aware and not all the hikers have ever visited this place. I was one of them before. And you are not one of them now.

On the way to another adventurous journey, there was a surprise which hid itself on the other side of a piece of dead wood. The focus might be a little bit out but the mushrooms looked much uniquely white.

I stayed for a while trying to figure out the best angle for the pictures before MyJourney continued for next stop.

Waiting for me in front was a giant wall. The mysterious pathway although reached to a dead end, it did oversee this giant wall day in day out. I mean it was a giant wall if I looked far away. Actually it was the side wall of a small dam.

The "giant" side wall of a "small" dam. What a weird description.

The wall was quite steep and it must be slippery on the left side where I could see traces of water mark. It was interesting to note that I saw monkeys earlier staying on the wet part of the wall. They should be taking some drink with the capability of Spiderman. When I came nearer they disappeared themselves in the wood.

Wandering around further I met a signboard showing "Kawasan Larangan" which meant restricted area. Having a peep at the surrounding, I ignored the gun shot and decided to push open the sliding door. I'll take you to the inner part of the top of the dam in the next post.

(Hopefully this post will not be the evidence that I have broken the law).


Ratty said...

The white color of the mushrooms is great. The dam is what I really like though. I like seeing things like this. It's almost like finding a hidden temple in an Indiana Jones movie. Be careful though, that sign looks very serious. That's something Indy had to face on his adventures too.

KY said...

Can't wait to see what have been in the Dam that you are going to show us.
But I'll shall explore this place as long as I am there.
Thanks for sharing.

The Retired One said...

you are a daredevil!!

The Retirement Chronicles

Sharkbytes said...

I love the mushrooms! If it were here, I would say they were Oyster Mushrooms, but I sure don't know if they are the same near you.

Mike said...

At least I can read the warning sign! Here Thai script makes it almost impossible-perhaps I need to move to Penang.

BTW I like the shots of the fungi.

roentare said...

I am a fan of fungi. I like it in all colours. I could not find much of these nature wonder in my home town at all.

Great images in deed!

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: Somehow Indy has influenced my way in MyJourney. The feeling of discovering hidden temple is sort of motivating.

KY: Great to know you will trace my footsteps all the way. Hope you will enjoy myself.

The Retired One: If I am, I am just the one who much depend on the situation and environment.

Mike: Are you serious? I'll start counting. 1, 2, 3, 4....

roentarre: The fungi come in many shapes and colours, they are beautiful.

Stephen said...

Where is this place anyway? Is it near KL?

betchai said...

i really said "ooooo aaaaaaaah" when I saw the white mushrooms in the first picture, first, i really do love mushrooms, if they are edible i maybe have a soup already :) i think these are edible, since i remember we used to hunt these mushrooms growing on dead wood back in the Philippines, and we would have a very hearty meal later. oh, those good old days. you took the shot really pretty.

wow, you're one brave person, but at least, you only saw the warning sign when you are at the top already. can't wait for the next photo.

rainfield61 said...

Sharkbytes: I do not know the name of the mushroom, very sorry.

Stephen: This is Cerok Tokun, located at BM, Penang.

betchai: I do not know if they are edible either. The warning sign attracted me to enter to the dam. The view is terrific.

WiseAcre said...

I couldn't hazard a guess what the mushrooms are but they are interesting.

Standing in front is a good place to get a photo but I'm always nervous on the downstream side of dams.

Now if you had photographed the backside of the sign that would be evidence of trespassing.

rainfield61 said...

WiseAcre: You are proved to be a good lawyer for the twist and turn on the backside of the sign.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

How beautiful of such a place! I love your mushroom dancers.