Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stream, Cerok Tokun

I always know there is a stream on the right of the trail at where I start hiking. I can see its side view everytime I pass by. It had never attracted me until today when I went over to look for something new. Then I knew I was wrong in the past. But I decided to continue my hiking first and came back for some pictures later when this place got brighter.

Yes, the bright sunlight really helped to disclose its full natural beauty. It originated small and grew wider as it got around. It travelled further under the bridge where I was standing. The scene was greenish, clean and clear.

When I moved to the next bridge, the scenery changed to a little artificial but I liked how it appeared to be. The combination of series of falls from double to three created a unique view. These falls looked much whiter in picture than the trasparent actual. I did not see many people came over here. They must have also wrongly assumed as what had happened to me.

I shall come back on next week to explore further.


jodapoet said...

These photos are just simply beautiful. They do tell stories of nature at its core.

betchai said...

wow, kind of hard to believe you ignored this sight before, am glad you finally did! beautiful. and the transition of the falls from double to three is splendid.

Ratty said...

I have a very similar place as your first picture that I go. I like the board that's set up as a bridge in mine. Yours looks similar even though it's not an old board. They both look very natural. The second picture is absolutely beautiful. I would make something like that a place I go very often. You have found something truly great.

roentarre said...

Waterscape is always interesting in deed. The flow and the green compliment each other.

You are lucky to have easy access to the natural beauty

Mike said...

Rainfield I really like the second shot with all the angles and moving water-cool!

The Retired One said...

How tranquil and pretty!!
Glad you explored it and shared it!

The Retirement Chronicles

rainfield61 said...

I am alive again after one and half day lived with my modem not functioning.

Jodapoet: Pictures can tell stories of nature very much better than my words.

betchai: I do always assume this and that. Those are all wrong. Sigh.

Ratty: There are new wonders as long as we continue to explore. Your new discoveries are good as well.

roentarre: Yes, the flow and the green compliment each other very well, especially under the bright sunlight.

Mike: The picture looks much better than the actual. Anyhow I feel so great with all the responses. Thanks.

The Retired One: I'll continue to explore and share with you. My aim is to attract you to visit Malaysia.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

This is very interesting. Although not very natural, I like the channel and the waterfalls. Is it a garden or just some kind of water control? It has an artistic effect with the 2,2,3 configuration.

Ann said...

the bridge looks slippery with the moss, now I am too old to go to such adventure.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

That is beautiful! Did you happen to go back there yet?