Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jog with Ferdinand

This is a trek beside the Perai river at SJ. The picture reflects the typical tropical greenery in this neighbourhood. On the right we see sugar canes whereby banana trees are on the other side. If we move further to the right, there is a long stretch of swamp area behind these banana trees. This is the living place of crabs and also the same place that provides the villagers some extra earning.

We can see two brownish tracks on the grasses that lie parallel to the sandy motorcycle path. They are partly contributed by us as we prefer the softness of grasses during jogging.

I could always see Cuckoo coming out from one side and quickly disappeared into the bush on the other side once I got closer. Moving further up there used to be monkeys staying on top of trees or on the pathway that made me cautious on any of their attacks. Advise by book is not to stare at them for which they might think they are being challenged and start to attack. I would not be able to show you all these in the evening. They get back to rest very much early than us for their simpler lives that need no jogging and blogging .

On the other way, this herd of cows were only allowed to wander around outside the cattle pen when the sun was ready to set. Jogging along with these animals was not much fun when I thought of young Ferdinand the Bull the moment he was stung by a bee.


The Retired One said...

I love your photos because your life and where you live is so totally different than where I live.
Monkeys and sugar cane and banana trees, oh my!

Ratty said...

I really like your jogging path. The more I hear about monkey behavior, the less I like them. They seem more dangerous than any animals here. I like cows though. I've been around cows, and they're mostly friendly.

betchai said...

oh, love your pictures, especially the first one, makes me feel soooo homesick.

Mike said...

A landscape not too dissimilar to here with the bananas and sugar cane. Do you have rice grown in your area?

At one time I would have worried what I might meet along the trail particularly snakes but now like you I just enjoy the simple pleasure nature provides.

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: This is the reason I am writing: to share and to learn.

Ratty: The monkeys may not be always dangerous as long as they are not disturbed.

betchai: Hhaha...I'll write more to make you even more homesick; just a joke.

Mike: I have rice grown not too far from my house.
Snakes are also one of my worry, but so far I have not met any since I would not go away from the normal trek.

roentarre said...

The green colour is spetacular in deed.

Good colour in the photographs