Monday, February 14, 2022

To smell a rabbit hole

I turned 60 and I am retired.

I told Alice I have run 2450km in 2021. All books remind me to run carefully to prevent injuries, so much so, ironically, I missed falling into any rabbit hole. 

It is the reason. Yes, I was dull and boring and could not know even a little to write. 

A rabbit hole can be there in this time phase. 



are you in there?" 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Happy New Year of the Pig

Life goes on.

Mushrooms do. I do. 

I managed another 19km mileage before rain started to fall. I told Alice. 

What is 19km?

If view under microscope, it is the path between two spores in a mushroom world. Zig zag sometimes, straight line always. It becomes longer if the immediate next spore flies away.

And so I said 19km is elastic. 

What if I get hold of the flying spore? I shall not know how elastic it is before both of us stop.

Life goes on. 

365 days should not be in a distance of only 19km, I have run so very more than that, from the year of the dog to the year of the pig, in another two days.

Happy New Year. 新年快乐。

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Alice's Wish

Alice is collecting some dry twigs. She intends to built a fence around her mushrooms.

Mushrooms, poisonous or not, are one of the snacks taken by reindeer. 

Outside the fence, Alice will keep some Magic Reindeer Food that would make the reindeer so happy so much so they will go away from Alice's mushrooms.

Christmas is near. Alice is collecting as many white "Christmas Mushrooms" as possible. She will decorate them with roses and Christmas lights. 

Such a special day.

Alice is happy, she wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

S on Mushroom

Mushrooms are uncountable, but not this. It is a One.

If we think One is little, we are definitely wrong.

Clark is ordinary,  but not when he has the S on his chest.

It needs no phone booth, this mushroom can fly. Alices can find it in their garden, backyard or jungle. 

It will be back to my neighbourhood when it intends to.

This One is superb, because it has a S too. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Daydreaming, always

Running is physics. 150km in a month, after all, is still very physical. Excitement is chemistry. It is complicated. 

Pictures of mushrooms taken are physical, enjoyment in Wonderland is chemistry.

Love is simply a fantastic chemical reaction.

I am in love with both at a time. Alice knows this. 

Running with mushrooms in mind is then called daydreaming. 

This is the impact: 42km in 5 hours from recent daydreaming.