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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dreamer Mushroom, the Force

This is really a very small mushroom. It is one eighth of the size of a little finger nail. Its snoring is so soft that Alice had not mentioned this mushroom before.

There are many little mushrooms around, even Jedi are no more here anymore. These insignificant little mushrooms continue to dream, to save the dream.

The Force is with them, and they are one with the Force.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Little mushroom Big dream

Dreams persist as I exist, but I have lost in the maze of dreams at the same time. That's of course a wonderful happening!

I appreciate my littleness and invisibility, I enjoy the quietness of dreaming. I float from one dream to another, and to another swiftly, from Indiana Jones to Alice, and to Star War. 

I make fun in multi-dreaming. Only improper wake up causes my brain cells to hang frequently.

I enjoy my littleness, but my dreams are always big and are a big mess, because I like to travel. I travel into the darkness of madness, to gain unreal fulfillment beyond daylight.

Dreaming is like breathing: cannot be deleted, even over years.

2017,  a year of continued- dreaming, day-dreaming.

Happy dreaming.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Big-eared Mushroom

So a little yellow mushroom took the initiative. It went around to confirm the story of universities in a mushroom world.

On the way, it met a giant-eared mushroom. This giant ear must have received whatever news lingering in the air.

"Mushrooms in the countryside never talk about universities." The big ear said.

"They only laugh at monkey business, and compete to laugh in a snail's pace."

Yes, there are so many fierce but funny monkeys around.

"I have to wait for many hours before getting to know this is actually the sound of laughing."



Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mushrooms Gossip

"Having so many nonsensical posts, Rainfield is sure living in its own fantasy."

"He is seeking virtual satisfaction and fulfillment."

I go very near, yes, only so near then I hear gossip.

I talk about mushrooms and mushrooms do likewise. Their oxygen level is low and brain cells are critically inactive after a heavy meal; gossip is the only possible thing to do.

"Keeping Alice the theme of his posts,  Rainfield extends his real world to a borderless Wonderland."

What a tattling in a morning.

Mushrooms, people and many more I assume, are so curious about each other. 

That is why we have universities.

I may discover these universities in a mushroom world one day. I shall share.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mushrooms From Fantasia

There was a lot of hard work in a busy last week, but I asked, I checked and I reconfirmed: a few of my Wonderland mushrooms are related to those from Fantasia.

I managed to persuade three of the shy coolie-hatted red mushrooms to say hello to you, but that made them turn totally red.

A further request for a legendary Fantasia Chinese Dance might be a bit over, it was turned down. I am still thinking how magnificent it was if they danced when Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" was playing.

Oh, where was Alice then?

In fact, Wonderland and Disneyland are only a hairline apart. Alices are here and there.

She would like to dance too, or she will get bored reading books without pictures.