Friday, June 21, 2013

Makes Paranoid

Staring at the past can awaken all of the senses in a flash, this is what the power of photography is.

Staring at an empty pupa arouses my feelings of regret, this is how photography can be guilty of.

I missed the first wink a pretty butterfly should have given to me the moment she has squeezed herself out into this fantasy world.

She must be fancy. And I should have smiled back while she was dancing. For me.

The story of romance never started. Until we meet again, staring at the crowd, I shall never find her.

The is how photography makes me paranoid.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Water Droplets

My magic wand was superb, it brought back rain, and this shows that it can be powerful in more purposes.

“ZRS *# %^ v®ËÔ, ohmmmmmm!” I wave the wand again.

Other than a burst of stars, I see also plenty of water droplets and inside each of them there is a flower, like an embryo.

Ultrasound Scan is for a baby, a handy digital toy is good enough for this beauty.

I see the development of a beauty within minutes, instead of ten months for an embryo. 

Because of a magic wand.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Hiking Partner

This is my missus, but I manage to show you only her back. It is not because she hikes faster, I actually pay too much attention to many of my friends in the jungle looking for good photos. This always makes me huff and puff in order to catch up with her, which I used to do to overtake her other admirers many years back.

She does not have much interest in photography, but always discovers potential photography opportunities, “potential” in her perception. I like that.          

We will not go hiking this weekend as to attend her Bachelor’s Degree Convocation Ceremony, which happens only at this age.