Friday, April 17, 2009


My wireless network to the outside world had totally been cut off for one and a half day. It was so frustrated and looked crippled until I managed to find time to shop for a replacement for my damaged modem.

Our broadband link to external is advanced and complicated but it is weak and fragile. It just ceased to function after a flash of lightning.

Back to the nature and jungle, the networking between trees is bonded mechanically; I recall what I had studied during high school on the strong bonding between the molecules in organic chemistry.

The network system which made use of these "overhead cables" might be primitive, but I believe it work effectively and rigidly, and it will grow stronger over the years.

Fancy does not always be better than simplicity.

Anyhow, it is beyond my imagination if we are to be connected in such a way illustrated by the picture that was found in the eyes of A Poets View.


WiseAcre said...

I always thought I had noodles for brains. I just never realized how they intertwine with others.

Glad you are still networked with us.

Ratty said...

I have had 3 modems get knocked out by lightning over the years, so I understand you pain.

I read that before America was discovered, there were so many trees that they connected to each other across half the US.

Sharkbytes said...

Looks like jumper cables; I need those for my brain in the morning! I have given you the Life is Grand Award. See

roentarre said...

That second shot is amazing. Great colour and interesting pattern

rainfield61 said...

WiseAcre: I am not networking with you in certain frequency now. Touch your head and you will find some wires around.

Ratty: Ahh!! Then the trees have a complete WWW much earlier than mankind.

Sharkbytes: Thanks. I know some jumper cables that shock some "over slept" cars.

roentarre: Hahaha!!! I think they are funny. But they are not my property.