Friday, August 29, 2014

Mushroom, One, and More

One is relax, more is busy.

The mushrooms in uniform are busy walking uphill to school one morning. More mornings later, one memory is fragmented, more of them could be very vivid.

One of them remembers, when in high school, sitting a few tables away, always looking at a girl, and only looking at the girl, in the library.

The one mushroom liked to buy more sweets in pink colour, because pink is the colour of her lips.

Once was sweet, it is sweeter more years later.

One is a dot of simplicity, more is so dottily beautiful.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mushrooms are Beautiful

"And I do wonder, who's manipulating us in our daily life, that we don't realize, to do or believe things that we wouldn't ordinarily?" 

I am always hypnotized, because I am suggestible, and I withdraw my camera from the backpack involuntarily. I begin shooting. 

Mushrooms are beautiful, I believe. I think I am pre-programmed to believe whatever it is. I have to believe. 

You are hypnotized, whenever you follow me. I do not, but mushrooms do. They shape you. 

Mushrooms are beautiful, you believe. And this repeats in every weekend. You have to believe.

Mushrooms are beautiful. Mushrooms are beautiful. 

Mushrooms are beautiful.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yellow Mushrooms

I would not ask for everything, I have nowhere to keep all these; it hurts too if excitement overflows.

When joy comes bit by bit, this makes the quota last longer.

Mushrooms today come in abundance, but joy is simple. Joy is even simpler after a lot of perspiration on the hiking trail.

Mushrooms are like a library, I can flip through the books of dreams of the forest whenever I want. How far I can go this library is never a constraint, it depends on how good I interpret and how deep I understand.

A tiny mushroom is sky-big, a big sky overwhelms my playground, small Cerok Tokun. I am an old simple mushroom man.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mushroom Doors

Sometimes I look foolish.

Mushrooms grow doors, keeping in behind are dreams of the forest. Big doors have HD dreams; small mushrooms keep imageless snores. Green doors store happiness, where Snow Whites sees her happy ending.  Purple doors store adventure, where Alice finds the rabbit hole.  

Super mushrooms are exclusively for Mario, these are rewards in recognition of bumps on his head.

There are dreamless nights, because doors may have jammed.
I look foolish, that have to continue for the rest of the week. Only until going door-to-door, collecting stories from the opposite sides on Sunday, I shall feel brighter, before being foolish again.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Orange Mushroom

Rain doesn't stop, mushroom season prolongs and my blog continues to mushroom.

Naughty Nature makes a mushroom an orange plastic look. Too unreal to be real, I removed then put back my glasses because it is really real.

While standing back, this mushroom is causing a slight hoo-ha.

If it has, its ego could inflate like a balloon, so big it would fly, and fly, somehow fails by the Earth; so big a surprise flash from a camera would cause violent turbulence, the mushroom bursts.

Luckily it has not.

So I have some pictures for my ego. My blog mushrooms.