Friday, June 29, 2012

Bitten by Red Ants

While spending much effort on a soaring eagle, I landed on one fire ant nest. But I told myself this is the best eagle picture I have ever captured.

"Human always stomp their feet when they are happy." A zebra dove coo-cooed a comment. 

"Oh no, there is too much insanity in the dance." A black-naped Oriole exclaimed.

Whatever it is, me and the birds were mutually entertained.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Too Many Questions

Getting answers from nature is what I used to do. Nature threw back a question this morning. 

"Is a problem a problem?"

I was then bothered by a problem that seemed not to be a problem again.

"Do I have a problem? " I asked myself.

An old man like me simply gaga over too many trivial things, included chocolate ice cream while hiking in the jungle.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Repetition and Similarity

Idea could be stuck during past billions of years, we see similarities and repetitions every here and there in each of the creation. Could this be a boring job?

Though similar, these repetitions still come with slight excitements.

I had this concluded in my recent hike, thus triggering another new benefit of hiking, but without being hit by an apple.

The black dots of a bug and the seed pods of a lotus hint no connection literally, but both are staring back at me. 

I then wonder whether the creation of extraterrestrial  from the outer space and lotus plant was by the same authority since both bear some similarities: long neck, big head, and big eyes.


And which came first, the alien or the lotus plant? Or neither of these were original design?


I may have the answer in my coming hike, hopefully.

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Friday, June 8, 2012


I may be an alien in a human boady in the way how I listen to nature. I should not have doubt.

"I am pulling you very hard, only to show you beauty in a different perspective." A spider was overheard talking to a little tree.

And I heard the groan of a fern leaf at the same time. "Why don't you follow my way?"

It seemed like everybody have their own viewpoint. 

I have mine too. Why don't you go hiking with me at this paradise? But don't get me wrong. I  shall never try to bend your arm, your neck, your body or whatsoever in order to get you agree with me.

I'll only bombard you with countless images. You just cannot escape.

I think I am an alien in a human body. Want to know more about me? See me at Nature Center Magazine.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

To leaf through Cerok Tokun

I asked one puff-throated Babbler if it was alone this morning. It  twittered back in a short, followed by a long, and completed in a medium note; this was how an old man talked to a bird normally.

Then I heard twittering every where, as how we used to experience in the Internet.

The "butters" that flew, though did not have a twitter account, always made themselves clear in the eyes of a beholder like me, before merging into the lush green.

When a "dragon" was followed, it was fun to know I was not the only paparazzi around, and I may be famous because of the photographs taken, and shall be followed too.

This repeats every week when I leaf through Cerok Tokun.