Monday, April 13, 2009


The Monkeys were wild today. They might be in holiday mood right now.

I did not need to locate them since from all the noises, I was sure they were nearby having their early morning carnival. On my right, they leaped from one tree to another that caused smashing sound on the leaves. They screamed and fought with each other, I could hear dry twigs falling down and hitting onto the metal awning above me. They even ran and chased on top of the awning. They were super active today.

I was not able to capture all these simply because my point-and-shoot camera just incapable of producing sharp images under foggy and dim condition. Anyhow I did manage to get a few close shoots before the animal turned its back towards me.

One of the monkey appeared on the side of the awning and stayed there for a few minutes looking around. I took some distant shoots with flash off in order not to frighten it away. (Unluckily no pictures turned out to be good). With some close eye contacts, it might then think this skinny guy with glasses should not be a threat, so it decided to come down.

It picked up a piece of fruit on the ground, smelled and started biting. It would never stopped keeping its eyes on me while eating. It has a very suspicious nature.

It then decided to move away for its troop. The party was still on in trees. "No point to be alone down here having a different species keep watching at me."

It thus made a move and so was me.


WiseAcre said...

Now there's some wildlife I won't get a pic of. I think it's cool you have monkeys around. I like to have some but I'd probably change my mind if I did. They look like they can get into all sorts of trouble.

From behind they look a lot like me :)

betchai said...

I love monkeys, I actually always have a good time watching them at the zoos, unfortunately, I only see them at the zoos. They seem to be fun-loving, and always jumping around.

The Retired One said...

Those were such neat shots! To have wild monkeys just there when you went for a walk is so cool!
We have deer close and you have monkeys! I would love to visit your country some time!

The Retirement Chronicles

Ratty said...

Great post, and great pictures. I think most of us here love seeing the monkeys, because we'll never get to see them ourselves. You have given us all a wonderful gift today. Be careful around them though; I think sometimes the more intelligent an animal is, the more trouble they want to cause. Still, very cool!

Mother Goose said...

You got some very good pictures of your monkeys. I understand they can turn vicious at times so please be careful.

Mike said...

Not my favourite animal, or at least the local ones that are quite territorial and will bite if challenged.

Mind you part of the reason is because folk feed them!

roentarre said...

Monkey do have red bum and they are red in your images. In fact, Dad used to keep wild monkeys at home and I have scar from their scratches.

They can be cute bringing fruit to their owners. I found them very intelligent

rainfield61 said...

WiseAcre: Just can't imagine how you look, and I keep peeping at the back of the monkey in the first picture.

Betchai: Though blogosphere is not a zoo, but somehow it looks like a zoo now.

The Retired One: Welcome to Malaysia, a beautiful country.

Ratty: They are as normal in our life as the deer in yours. Anyhow, it still arouses the curiousity of little kids.

Mother Goose: They weren't be dangerous if we keep a distance apart and avoid disturbing them.

Mike: Yes, monkeys learn through experience and keep demanding for foods once feeding is started.

roentarre: I think we do need license to keep monkeys at home. Monkeys are intelligent but not so good as a pet.

Landscapeideas Team said...

i remembered in the 80's we visited batu ferringhi..the monkeys were much 'friendly' in those days...

rainfield61 said...

Landscapeideas Team: They must have been only friendly to you; Those in Botanical Gargen have forced the Authority to put up singboards reminding visitors not to feed them.

Glennis said...

Nice photos of the monkeys, to people who don't have any monkeys wild in their countries, monkeys are endlessly fascinating, they do have so much fun.

Ginnymo said...

Wow! Monkeys! Thanks for becoming one of my followers. Now I can follow you too. Great photos on your posts. I will be back.