Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Do Birds Fly Away?

Time grows. We shadow. 

I see a few branches coming into sight this morning, telling me that it is a different day, though my huffs and puffs assume the other way.  

My nose is not that sensitive to differentiate how stinky I am after a long hike.

That is proven when no birds would go near me. You have to ponder over if having this problem, though time grows, your wisdom never grows when you are through.

But birds continue flying away while you are lifting your camera.

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Monday, February 20, 2012


A long tailed macaque fell when leaping from one tree to another.

I expected a similar happening when spotting some dusky leaf monkeys later.

I focused on one that stayed the highest. I waited. It moved from a branch of one tree to another. I waited. It stopped for some berries. I waited, but began to feel the weight of my camera very soon, so I shifted to the other one. And change to another again.

They were cool and steady, and no surprises in the end.

What I can say is, surprises are always predictable, they only catch me by surprise.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Date of My Feathered Friends

I meet two very excited Brown-throated Sunbirds. They are excited not due to me, not about nectar, but because they have a date in the morning.

Birds never date in the moonlight, and candle light dinner never comes to mind.

The male is too excited, and misjudges a landing. A poor little flower fails  to hold this heavy excitement, that sees him flapping hard to get himself back in balance. 

Do first dates always flop? 

He keeps chirping to hide embarrassment. Somehow, she sings like nothing has ever happened. 

Love has shut her eyes, but never her day, this lovely day. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

How Big is My Playground?

I was bothered why big birds sit in trees, and am relieved to find myself a good answer today: They spend time calculating a dive for a prey without mistake. Indeed, they are a good mathematician.

So, an egret on top of a tree should be able to solve my another problem.  From that lofty vantage point, it definitely can tell how big is my playground.

But a Common Flameback who is drumming on a tree stump certainly cannot.  Nobody can think while busy playing heavy rock. 

The Lineated Barbets who camouflage themselves are never reliable too, especially when their noses are being turned up.

So, how big is my playground? 

It is as far as I can journey. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beauty within Moments

I hike into a beautiful moment in Cerok Tokun this morning, in which sunlight that is of the exact amount and with good colors passes through a layer of mist, falls on tree tops, and disperses away.

But moment is in seconds. Beauty should be of a smaller size, it slips away within  moments.

Some friends slipped away too. We are very much bigger in size, but how do they manage to hide somewhere in between each moment?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Water Droplets

Water takes whatever shape, and reflects everything it sees. It is crystal clear, yet so colorful. We are gifted.

But we must first immune to the temptation of our bed in the morning, during which sun always shines like a gentleman. Vaccines are not mandatory, because willingness is free. Exploring Nature requires eyes and time that everyone of us seems to have, but always finds lacking. Spectacles would not help, the eyes of a child will do, though those cannot be transplanted. Our time looks like a piece of cake, how much of it has be allocated to Nature?

We are not yet ready to accept the gift by having all these. We need something called Luck. We may brush past and miss the droplets since they would never stop us, or we may wander into a wrong path and end up busy talking to only trees and critters.

We can then relax and enjoy finally as water droplets reflect whatever they see. If someone happens to see something ugly or bad inside, that is not a problem at all. Sun will help to erase it, and undo is impossible, even with the most powerful software. 

How kind Nature has offered these to us.