Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Phenomenon

I am addicted talking to these many varieties of mushrooms which have been now a phenomenon.  The DSLR that would never turn me into a ballerina is my faithful translator.

They come in different colours of outfits and hairdos. Old-fashioned or trend leading, dazzling splendour or plain dullness, some of them keep a distant but I cannot shout. Others, who stay right in front, are fond of listening to my clicking whispers.

Unlike the darting centipedes, they are always enchanting and elegant. 

Only because they enjoy doing catwalk in the wild, instead of busy at a boring toe counting contest.

Friday, September 19, 2014

When a ballerina and a mushroom meet

Distance is now shortened, time can be intercepted, and the unbelievable coincidence happens, in the Internet.
Internet Courtesy
A mushroom meets a ballet dancer.

Mushroom, battement tendu, jungle, ballerina, spotlight, tutu skirts, dance floor, mushroom ballerina, and music goes, The Sleepy Beauty.

The slim vertical line shadows the flexed body; the pirouette work follows the pointe, and many smiles.

Thousands of miles apart, they who we name differently enjoy performing similarly are only separated by a thin line of time space.

In there exists a wonderful coincidence. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


I heard I am too crazy to tell they are sweet and delicious. ½

Raw green beans are not, but corn-flakes which send a crisp crackling sound straight to the inner ear, and the chocolate flavor ice cream which the flakes dip in lingers in the slits of our teeth must be. Aren't them sweet?

How about egg yolk peanut cookies which are one of our servings in the Chinese New Year celebration? When fresh from the oven, the aroma of peanut fills the air and the taste erupts inside our mouth, and flow from every taste bud to rule our mind wordless. Aren't they sweet?

Mushrooms are certainly sweet. ½

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tiny Green Beans

An energetic morning. 

The mushrooms are stretching their neck and squeezing each other's head  trying to stand out from the crowd. Life is full of ambition.

They are as small as a green bean, and could be easily overlooked if someone is seven feet tall or more, so tall that the faces become smaller than a green bean. Tall is not always an advantage.

I have my advantage, with eyes relatively nearer to forest floor; I see their determined smiling faces and bright dark eyes, determining to forge friendship across the oceans.

"Hi, mushroom friends."

What a wonderful cyberlife.