Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birds in My Backyard

When stopping by a paddy field after a long holiday break at Kangar, I am so glad to meet some of my feathered friends this morning. Re-positioning myself instinctively,  I then aim,  shoot, check and confirm, and these are repeated until either the birds leave or my satisfaction reaches a level of 10. 

Each of my move is well written, yet you can choose not to agree with. Somehow, I whom people called "young man" have become an "uncle" in the eyes of some uncles recently. You may let out a loud guffaw, only because this is what you are intended to be.

Learning and evolution always take place. You can take over control by outrunning the super computer. Two, three guffaws or whatever number will be solely your decision thereafter. 

What if you are smarter and evolve further? You can do a lot more, and will be no more a figment of a computer generated soap-opera. Congratulation.

You can then choose not to guffaw at all.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lunar New Year is Downloaded

Process of downloading never stops. It takes place very quietly at anytime and in every big or small corner that we who are involved always never aware of it,  or not until it has effected us.

The trails of this process happen to be visible, but for a very short moment, at morning Cerok Tokun when sunlight are refracted by mist particles.

Cerok tokun is being updated, so are the rest of the places on the super machine.

Meanwhile, Lunar New Year is being downloaded as well. This latest version that is scheduled to be ready by 23rd of January is Year of the dragon. 

Is it bug free but then a too fast version? Will price drop without sacrificing new features? Nevertheless, this must be another excited and adventurous one to be clicked on.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Game Continues

A new day is switched on: the hibernation  mode is interrupted,  images re-appear, white LED sparkles, and I am clicked to trek at Cerok Tokun again.

If correctly zooming in, Cicadas, big ants, millipedes, Asian Scorpions, mushrooms and more can be discovered. These items can be collected as  points scored or       extra lives earned. Someone can log out or shutdown at anytime, but the super server remains in operation. The journey continues.

Clicking on some places allows us to progress to a new level, though old and new may look very similar, and past and future are just a difference of a microsecond.

Once the machine is switched on, the rest will be handled by a simple right- or left- click, or a tap on any key, though "any" key cannot be found on the keyboard. I shall move on, but not Steve Jobs.

"On/off" switches are avoided in Apple products due to his concerns about afterlife, but he was clicked and was forever gone, from his last Windows scene. 

The game has to continue.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mushrooms From Cyberspace

"How do we know we are not just characters in a computer-generated soap-opera?"

A lone mushroom finds itself landing on a mossy land over the night. Is this a  fiction of multitasking, or system crash?

Someone is operating a gigantic computer.

We are inside a machine that is too huge to be visualized, but its heat is felt and is getting hotter and hotter nowadays. This phenomenon is what we call global warming.

Some mushrooms have popped up, and disappear very soon in days to come. I hike, I meet them, and I lose them; these are only parts of the written program. And Cerok Tokun is one of the browser screen.

Some other mushrooms climb up a bamboo culm in a dream, and that very often lead to the establishment of so called neurocognitive models of dream, oneirology, or complicated empirical researches. Thoughtfully, many behavior-related articles would be presented, but a dream is indeed the consequence of a viral outbreak, during which a virus infiltrates, and reprograms the host.

The machine is running.  

And I am programmed in such a way that my eyes and brain are always weird, though everything appears to be very ordinary.  Please bear with me as my photos and thoughts are dictating. My body, and my hand have to just follow.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Birding in a Busy City

There exists cultural differences between the urban and rural area, and I am not talking about those related to us.

If I have missed my feathered-friends at Fraser's Hill, their cousins returned ironically to me in Mines City.  City folks must have lost their minds living in a fast lane, no holiday was celebrated.

What's up? I saw white Egrets, Storks, Common Kingfishers, Pond Herons and more working through Christmas Eve. This was certainly good to me.

And they were never as relaxed as shown in pictures that always deceive us, but busy concentrating, waiting, watching, diving, and catching, and those daily routines repeated again and again, as to entertain us, the visitors.

One of the Pond Herons was found perching on a branch. It moved further up clumsily, trying to keep hidden behind some leaves upon seeing me.

It never flew away, and that seemed odd. 

It might need a doctor. Can the charge be double, triple or more during holidays?

City folks lose their minds living in the fast lane.