Sunday, April 12, 2009

A quiet day

It was a quiet morning as usual. The hiking path was fulled of people in both ascending and descending direction, but the environment over here would never make you feeling very noisy nor uneasy spiritually.

The lush green is soothing. It first healed the eyes, travelled further to clear the recycle bin in the brain and checked in at one of the cluster as the soul booster for the next seven days.

This was a sea of green fern leaves. It not only cured our soul, but also protected my weekend lover from any landslide.

The monkeys were also quiet in the way I had almost neglected their presence. It might be I had been too negligent to discover them up there all the while. They were not too playful or naughty sometimes. These might be a group of educated monkeys.

Luckily they did not have their class in the morning. I was then imagining their school life kind of similar to mine.

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The Retired One said...

You meant QUIET not quite, right?

Ratty said...

Hey, monkeys!!! Just what I wanted to see! The green of the forest is soothing, and it hides many things. Pretty soon my forest will be green too. Maybe I'll get lucky and see a monkey. Only if I take my nephew along. :)

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: Yes, you are right. The spelling checker failed to help me on this. Hahaha.
I can't manage to strikethrough the original quite, thus I changed to quiet quietly. Thanks.

Ratty: I just came back from hiking; the monkeys today are quite wild. I may share this later

betchai said...

the greens are always soothing and peaceful, i know i will jump from joy and excitement when i see a monkey in the trail, sadly, i don't think i will get a chance to see them here in san diego, and i do not think i even saw monkeys in some of the trails i hiked in my home country, Philippines.

rainfield61 said...

betchai: I'll "feed" you with monkey whenever I am able to. Haha...

Sharkbytes said...

A sea of green! I'm getting really jealous. I like the ferns.