Monday, September 28, 2009

Greeting the Morning

I have gone hiking after raining days for some times. It is very much warmer this morning with brighter sunlight shadowing the trees along the path. I do not need to climb as in my younger days, and I can reach the top without scraping my knees.
I am not, but look as tall as a tree.

I still keep the same pose after coming out from the jungle, because I see myself more often now. I change from tall to short, go from front to the back. This, at the end, will not change the fact that I am skinny and short.

Shifting from left to right, I am inspired by myself and start to sit by the moss. You are not going to see me now. I need to be alone, and some room to relaxe.

This is another morning that I have a different touch and feel.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Joy of a Simple Life

Wherever our eyes can see, there are photographs waiting for us to capture. And I do hope my experiment can help to freeze some of the beautiful moments. Anyhow, it is just the joy of a simple life.

If you have ever hiked at Cerok Tokun, you can see these finger-nail-sized little wild flowers are now blooming everywhere. But somehow you may not see them, not because they are so tiny to be attractive, it is only you have been moving too fast.

If this is the reason, let me show you now and you'll go back later to find them.

No adjective is required.

Not only the fashion model who walks on catwalk, this flower is also posing a side view.

And what a crazy world, it is not easy to let go a beauty.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


That is no reason not to cheer after a long hike, and I would like you to join me. Just sit down, relax yourself, get some fresh air, and you can have my cups. They are not big, but good enough to ease the craving for drink, "whereby nature is a vessel to which mortals drinks for inspiration- Salitype".

I am so cheerful to find myself hiking along with a big kingdom of mushrooms, and the discovery of cup mushrooms tops up the wonder further.

I know, you may say they are a pair of ears instead and trying to listen to our conversation, but I would like to let you know: "I can hear the ladies now. Those ears are just like my husband’s – growing on dead wood"- WiseAcre.

Anyhow, there are still many reasons for us to get cheer up.

Happy working!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Story continues

The story does not come to an end when the wheel has unraveled fully. The tip of the fern leaf is now pointing to eternity, a beginning of the future and an end of the past.

This slender rice bug, or Leptocorisa chinensis, has somehow mistakenly thought it is hiding right in the middle of the path to the future, but I rather prefer it is standing at the end of the past.

According to Kathleen Phillips, "Americans eat about 20.5 pounds of rice a year, while globally people annually eat about 126 pounds each. Yet a big bite is also taken by insects in the field every year". Both the adults and nymphs of rice bugs feed on endosperm of rice grains at the milking stage.

While cultural measures and biological control agents are used to control the rice bug population, the meadow grasshoppers, spiders and dragonflies prey on them.

And the flow of food chain continues. The same to the story.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Short Tailed Macaque

This was my most embarrassing moment at Cerok Tokun, I have to admit, and the story should have started from a long time ago.

I have seen and pictured long tailed macaques for many times, and Dusky Langur for once, but I am very sure there must be more species out there. Since then, searching for them has become one of my agenda at Cerok Tokun.

long tailed macaque

Dusky Langur

That was why I felt so excited when spotted this short tailed macaque wandering at far end of the car park. I moved quickly, the monkey moved even faster and returned to the top of the tree. My persistence insisted me not to give up but to start searching everywhere above my head.

Out of sudden, the animal re-appeared from the lush green, and dashed towards me. This had my adrenaline going immediately; wasted no time, I ran as fast as Usain Bolt. In the split second when I turned on my heel, the macro view of that fierce look occupied my enlarged eye balls completely.

But I came back. Yes, I came back, not alone, but with my car. I was guaranteed safe by staying inside the car. The animal was still there but appeared very tame this time. Tame? Looking at how it turned its head away, I rather thought this arrogant animal treated me as a useless coward.

I had these pictures through my windscreen. I was sort of inside a cage, and the monkey in the wild.

I managed to capture the short tail of this macaque before it moved away.

Will this happening be spread among the macaques? If those monkeys keep laughing and hitting their chests, then I shall know the answer.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mutliple Wheels

This is the normal version of my fern leaf which keeps spinning day in and day out, and in between the spinnings there come my stories; my story today, however, is not derived from that similar type.

This new one is composed of wheels in an even number, and will gradually appear as an amazing symmetry. And now, here come the most interesting part: It is more powerful than my previous single wheel.

It managed to catch a "fish" with a straight hook.

This reminds me on a story from the ancient China.

There was a wise old man called Jiang Ziya who lived in the feudal estate of King Wen of Zhou. He strategically used a straight hook that was without any bait in his fishing. In addition, the hook was placed three feet above the water.

His odd behaviour had finally pulled the attention of King Wen in one day. The King had discovered that this white-haired fisherman was actually an astute political thinker and military strategist. Of course, the story ended with Jiang Ziya being successful become the Prime Minister of King Wen.

Coming back to my Cerok Tokun, I am sure You will then agree with me the multiple wheels must be very powerful, in whatever way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grasshopper and the Story

I like this: "Just like magnifying the grasshopper, I am magnifying my joy of photography." How do you think?

I spotted my grasshopper while I was moving around the wheel. It looked so tidy and gave me the opportunity to concur with what I have read.

The quote applies only to grasshopper or alike, but not the following one. I do not know whether it is a baby snake or a black worm, but I waste no time to study or analyse. It is not my favourite.

To discover something in the nature does not require me to keep travelling. This is what I have learned and experienced. Though I do not need to stay for hours, somehow the same old place does produce a variety of events. As I moved around this same place, I found the grasshopper just came along to MyJourney. Same to this tiny long critter, it just crawled along and disappeared.

Fun, is what I can say. I can enjoy the Nature in various ways. And I would like the end this post with another quote by Eugene Delacroix, "Nature is a dictionary; one draws words from it." (Special thanks to Cate for sharing this).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mushrooms Hiked at Cerok Tokun

Have you ever seen mushrooms hiking around? I am not joking and you please do not ever think I am insane. Stop laughing at me, please. If you did not over sleep in the first place, and if you never took the easy trail, you would then be as excited as me. You must know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

And I want to tell you that I did not see only one, but a group of them hiking along with me. I was so motivated this morning which required no further explanation .

Can you sit back for a while, close your eyes and relax. Can you hear the heavy breath of those mushrooms? No no no! Those were not mine. I am a super hiker who will never get tired.

The mushrooms, be it adults or little kids, joined me in kissing the peak. This is my another wonder, another pot of gold. Cheers to these mushrooms!! !!! !!!!

In order to show them my appreciation, I waited for the moment they were ready to climb over the piece of big rock, and this is the shot. A few ladybirds, instead of doing it themselves, took a lazy ride. They were unlucky for me to discover their secret.

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous scene. I bet you don't have such an experience since you always love your warm blanket so much.

I have my reason to feel proud. I have and am going to explore more and more wonders, now and then.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is it Autumn Now?

It was not cold in the morning, yet somehow, heavy fogs were seen skirting around in front of me. The movement was swift and quiet. It must be good to immerse myself in these dense fogs, just like what Cerok Tokun was doing.

Other than seeing a few small birds flying around, I was the sole passer-by right now.

Some distance away, Mengkuang Dam had formed some familiar scenic views to my old friends.

Zoom in and zoom out views framed my perspective differently. Some people like to zoom in to focus on a small area, but others prefer to have a full-size view. Somehow even a slight shift in focus, the image or story in my mind theatre will then be unreal.

Standing at a different corner looking at a different angle, the orange and yellow leaves had taken me to the autumn. That spider that stayed in the middle was witnessing the changes, I was too far away to listen to his story.

I try my best to show you all the beauties that I have seen, simply because you are my best friends. Have a good day.

Before I end this post, there is an extra. I have received what is called the Six Hidden Treasures Challenge from Ratty at Everyday Adventure. Here are the rules of the challenge.

1. Take the Challenge picture and place on your blog
2. Find your favorite six hidden posts in the archives and add the links under the picture
3. Choose one other blogger and send the challenge to them,
4. Link back to the sender of the challenge and New Scribbles.

These are my Six Hidden Treasures:
. Jungle trekking in Penang National Park

I want to pass this challenge on to everyone of you, to all my friends, if you like the idea.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Hidden One

I like to ask myself where I shall be brought to if I enter from here.

There was a time I asked myself in the other way: Where should I enter in order to exit from here. As usual, I always ended up asking the wrong guy. The mystery was well kept for a long time, until today I saw a family coming out from this jungle path.

I overheard how much they enjoyed the scenery that was unknown to many people. I was insulted and hurt badly!! How could I be one of the majority. My ego told me to wait and sneak in during the descending trip, after they have gone.

And now, I was inside the jungle again. I expected to reach that place without much walking, if I heard correctly. Looking at the dead wood that lying in front of me, I was found cheated. There was nothing worth to be explored, I saw only trees after trees, a steep slope, and a "now you see, now you don't" kind of little squirrel.

Was I right?

No. I was totally wrong. A few more steps had then disclosed my ignorance. I found a hidden pavilion inside the jungle. Yes. They were right on the scenery that was now solely belonged to me.

How nice is it? Just let me share with you in my next post.

By the way, at the time I came out from the jungle, I was Indiana Jones who was now returning from an adventure; and the main point is, I was rewarded with many peculiar looks from many of the majority.

I was no more one of them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tiring Hike

I had my most tiring hike last Sunday morning. Yes, this is me, and I feel so sorry for the way I start the story and the manner I greet you all. Anyhow, lacking of photo from this hike must not be my excuse; you can now imagine why I did not have spare hands to take enough photo for most of the time.

The jungle trail was then so muddy and slippery. I skidded along, I pulled the vines, I got help from little plants, and I held on to the rocks. My backpack rubbed against the mud, my camera swung towards the mud, and my trouser kissed the mud. I was ugly muddy.

I am showing the picture on a scorpion, hopefully it can explain how muddy and slippery the jungle trail was.

The picture may tell this part of story, but it was absence when I heard a wild boar murmuring nearby me. I could only judge and keep my safe distance for having no experience to deal with this animal. It was certainly a relief after some "hide-and-no seek" games I managed to leave the boar behind. I told myself not to run, I have only myself to be outrun. The wild boar that armed with sharp tusks might be provoked and attacked the slower me. Sitting down in front of my computer I can now search and talk anything without any worry, and for the wild boar, breeding occurs throughout the year in the tropics, but births peak around rainy seasons. I wonder what did the animal talk at that time.

I spotted this funny thing later. It might be the initial build of a termite's nest. But my point is, it may help to show you the wetness which had my day full of events.

Full of events? It is my embarrassment to tell I had lost my way in the jungle during the crawling, skidding and "hide-and-no seek" moments. Luckily I managed to find my way when I started to walk upright again.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Spider behind the Fern

(Reincarnation was unrolled, is it a spinning of evolution or involution?)

It was in the morning when I spent my time hiking at Cerok Tokun. At this same time, when I moved around taking pictures of the wheel, I found something silvery staying behind. I might find an answer to my question in the previous post.

I moved to the opposite side so to witness the truth: a spider was building its home, as well as its fortune. It was now much depending on how I positioned myself in order to appreciate the discovery, but is it an involution or an evolution?

On my side, the spider danced with my flash. To the spider, I was actually an invader. In fact, it was very much annoyed by my disturbance. It was looking at me. It was talking to me.

Anyhow, it had the wheel by itself. The wheel might spin again. What will the next be? The story is still kept hidden inside the wheel.

Wait until it unrolls again....

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Wheel

I do believe there are secrets being hidden within the wheel, though I cannot prove anything. The secrets are being spun within the wheel, and will be released one by one, to the outside world, though I do not know what they are.

I try to make the wheel looks brighter and clearer, but the fortune is still an unknown. Even the rainfall cannot help to enlighten me, not to mention the minute droplets.

But road to the wheel is like walking on a hanging bridge. In order to discover the fate at the far end, the initial unknown on the journey must first be cleared, though it looks charming.

To wander between life and death and the cycle of transmigration, I do believe all happen within the wheel, though I cannot have an answer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mushroom, Santa Claus and Dog

I saw this mushroom as Santa Claus yesterday. It was by then showing his standard stylish thick white beard. I could hear the low and slow ho ho ho while he was delivering gifts to the homes of the so called good children.

( It is ho ho ho instead of he he he because Santa Claus is a big fat old guy, he he he simply sounds like a little elf.)

At the end of a hard and harsh day, I am now seeing the mushroom as a dog sticking out its tongue for some quick and shallow breaths, for the sole reason that he needs to cool off the entire body. I am certainly carried away by this.