Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grey Mushrooms

I think I shall go home empty-handed this morning, but then my lens is lucky to catch a glimpse of some grey mushrooms above a small creek.

These few in a single click make the fullness of my day, though it always takes many to do that. I have to catch up with my wife again, and again, after spending time looking around, and I have to catch up with you before it is Monday.

Wishing that it is weekend again. A wish is good enough.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not As It Is Thought To Be

An angle is a simple geometrical figure, but stories arise from different of them when couple with our knowledge, experiences and some sauces of imagination are never the same.

A fern may live in winter or spring at the same time. This is a hard-earned theory after many shutter clicks and brain crack.

An aircraft is still an aircraft when viewing from different angles, but MH370 has just disappeared from the radar as though it is no more an aircraft. What were the exact angles at the moment?

An angle is not necessary as simple as it is thought to be.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happiness Is Landing

This was the first rain long after January.

Wind talks loudly over my ears this morning.

Fog comes fog goes, stillness is jut a moment, and every mystery is cleared right after.

The unknowns are known, the long distance is right in front. 

Joyfulness is the only conclusion, and its landing is confirmed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fireworks on Penang Second Bridge

The ugly ducklings blossom into stunning swans, and the unpleasant caterpillars morph into graceful butterflies. 

Only after bursting in the air, a firework is otherwise nothing except a paper tube, this was witnessed during the opening ceremony of Penang Second Bridge on first of March.

Through the lens, it makes obvious that my camera was naughtily shaky while being pressed hard against a signboard. Nonetheless, a surprise moment has been captured, during which everyone raised their hands up and down in the gorgeous and colourful lights, something like worshiping the modern fires. 


And a digital bookmark was laid in.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lost and "Found"

This little world that I am inside is the glamour and glitter of the nature.

I enjoy so much that I always go looking around, and I looked up to the Leaf Dusky Monkeys this morning;  I slipped and fell, and spent half an hour sweeping carpets of leaves with a twig, somehow  my crystal beads bracelet is declared lost.

It might be, in one day, that a monkey would wear my bracelet after learning from Google Search for primates that it symbolizes life, nature, fertility, self-respect and well-being.

The little world, bracelet, mystery, monkeys and glamour, are linked together by different versions of Google Search.