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Friday, July 24, 2009

Black Mushroom

Hiking at Cerok Tokun every weekend, though has been a routine to me, is a process in which learning and joy can be derived from every step I have made.

It is not difficult to find mushrooms along my way, it requires only some attentions and a little bit of slowing down.

These little mushrooms managed to squeeze themselves out from the ground.

I saw these new born mushrooms on Saturday, when returning in the next morning, they had been smashed.

They had chosen to live at a wrong place.

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Kirigalpoththa said...

They looks like poisonous. Have not seen that type here

cherie said...

yeah, do they have a name, rainfield?

betchai said...

i was about to say, "yeah, am like you rainfield, my hikes are not focused on the destination", only to realize it was from my comment :) thanks for the special mention.

i love your close-up shot of the mushroom, i don't think i have ever seen that type. it does not look edible, but looks so hauntingly pretty. like you, i also bend down, sometimes, have to lie down to take a picture :( and study some surprises closely.

Ratty said...

These are a different color than the mushrooms I usually see. That makes them an adventure for me too.

The Retired One said...

Very interesting little mushrooms!

George said...

These are very interesting mushrooms and I was glad to read your story of finding them. Your pictures are wonderful.

Mei Teng said...

These mushrooms are different looking. Have never seen them before. I have heard that certain types can be poisonous.

There was a cooking show on tv showing a guy who went around the woods picking up mushrooms for his cooking. Guess he must know the mushroom species very well to be able to pick which ones are safe for consumption.

Icy BC said... mushrooms! They are exotic!

Harumi said...

That's a surprise, to see the interior of the black mushroom to be pure white..! And yep, if I remember right, the colors black, luminous yellow and green, bright orange and red are warning signs for toxins, isn't it? whether they're on fauna or flora.

And.. it's kinda sad to hear they've been destroyed. You know one of the key points I learnt during my first hike was to watch our step! =D

Willie said...

My first time seeing this.

Pacey said...

What an odd looking mushroom, never seen like that before...but great that you've shown it to us here. You always have something new to show us here rain.

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

That looks to be an optimum growing spot for mushrooms. ~Bet you'll find more in their place before long...

Bengbeng said...

i wouldnt dare to eat those mushrooms without being sure if they r edible or not. Yr being from BM reminds me of Bkt Berapit. I was there when young n the first time we discovered the nutmeg, i was so surprised it was so different from the processed nutmegs sold for example at Kek lok Si.

In the same way, perhaps these mushrooms might become edible one day

I still have fond memories of St Anne n the huge crowds at the church

rainfield61 said...

Kirigalpoththa: I have the feeling they are snakes in disguise. Can you see their tounge?

cherie: Sorry again, I do not know their name. I would like to name them myself if possible. lol.

betchai: I love the comment very much, that's why I steal them.

You have the best description: hauntingly pretty!!

Ratty: Black is mysterous, in its way.

The Retired One: Thank you. This is from the mushrooms.

George: I like to read my story too, and I correct here and there for a few days.

Mei Teng: I have been told not to eat anything I do not know, since young.

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC: Wow!! Women in Black....

Harumi: They don't have the choice, you know, otherwise, I think they rather prefer to be monkeys staying on the tree than be mushrooms smelling the shoes and socks, and being smashed at any moment.

Willie: This is your first time? That's great.

Pacey: I have a pocketful of wonder. I'll show one by one.

Heather Dugan: Yes, I have seen many. You can find them in my previous post when I re-label them.

Bengbeng: You have been a Penangite before... Bukit Berapit, St. Anne Church, Cerok Tokun, then Curry mee, Hokkien mee, Laksa, fried Koay Teow... you must have missed them. Nice to know you..

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Interesting mushroom. I love that little crack, showing much whiter flesh!!
Have Fun
~ bangchik

eng said...

wow! interesting, rainfield.i have never seen those kind of mushroom before and i have seen and eaten lots...ha!ha!ha!

thanks for posting and letting us know that such specie of mushroom exist... said...

Some plants live for a moment but enough to inspire everyone. Some live for a long while, yet remain unnoticed. Sometimes bringing a little meaning to our lives is what life is all about.

Cher said...

it's my first time to see black mushrooms! thanks for sharing, rainfield! betchai was right, they are hauntingly beautiful!

Gallicissa said...

I too do not worry about the destination on my walks as 'watching' things takes an awefully long time.

Bengbeng said...

Nice to know u too :)

rainfield61 said...

Bangchik and Kakdah: The crack looks like the splitting tongue of a snake.

eng/cher: Thank you very much for the comment. Black is beauty, hauntingly pretty. "Sometimes bringing a little meaning to our lives is what life is all about". This must be my thought of the day.

Gallicissa: Yes, destination is not always important to me, the process or the journey does.

Bengbeng: Welcome!!

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Black, they are, mushrooms, they are not. They are toadstools, generally toadstools are not edible, and most are poisonous. People often confuse mushrooms and toadstools, I love mushrooms; I also love toadstools, but for their beauty, as betchai said, "hauntingly pretty", I agree. I also agree with his/her quote; in my younger years tramps and hikes the joy was seeing what was on the way.


Ayie said...

are those edible or poisonous?

⊱↫PreciousKD↬⊰ said...

Goodness gracious, I have never seen a black mushroom before! They are so unique!

nicoleshe said...

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