Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A glimpse at Flowery and Colourful Cameron Highlands

What can we do at 1500m above sea level and at temperature
16 deg C?

Cool, cool, cool!!
So good to enjoy steamboat at this temperature.

I travelled to Cameron Highlands with 6 families in 3 sedans and 1 MPV.
I mean, it is so wonderful to have all the families members got
together and had a jolly time.

How to have a "free and easy" style of steamboat up at the highland?

There are many varieties of fresh vegetable at Cameron Highlands.
So they are not necessary to be brought along.
We only prepared some meats and fishes. The gist was we got the
soup for steamboat ready at home, freezed it overnight for the next
early morning journey.

A 2 days and 1 night stay is always good for any weekend. But
pre-booking is advisable. There are expensive and cheap hotels or
apartments available.

What else we can do besides steamboat? My favorite strawberry
flavour ice-cream is a must to take.

Cameron Highlands is a paradise for photo-shooting.

Greenish tea plantation

Cameron Highlands is famous for its tea. The first ever tea plantation
was started in 1929 by the son of a British administrative officer.

Also, Cameron Highlands is a leading producer of flowers in Malaysia.

If you love cactus, the varieties of cactus at Cameron Highlands will be an eye opener.

Cameron Highlands is the only place we are able to grow
strawberry in Malaysia

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Illusion

I was on my way from downtown, via Jelutong Highway,
to Penang Bridge, heading towards my home yesterday.
I saw :
A smooth traffic on the middle span. It was suppose to be, on Saturday

A simple life

Cloudy, but mother nature gave us the coolness

I mean, there was a presentation of peacefulness,
harmony and relaxation.

All these are views on my left hand side.
Actually, right in front of me, there was a long queue.
A very heavy traffic jam which took me one and half hours
to travel through 2km.
Drove and braked continously
We always tell one side of paper is black in colour,
but actually people on the other side see white.
We always present good results and achievement in our
report, and camouflage the failure.
The stories may go on and on.
Is this an "illusion of life"?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life Is

Life is, having closed one door, open the next, proceed to another,
and continue.

Until one day, people close yours.

Life is, simple, not much you can bring along, from what we can see.
But down inside, day in and out, so much have been input and saved,
from bytes to bytes.
To be wiser or the other way, depends on what have been keyed in.

Life is, everyday, we say "thank you" to have another new day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hiker is not a runner, for today Penang Bridge Run

I did not participated in this morning Penang Bridge International Marathon.
I took part in 10km Fun Run category during last year.
The whole bridge was totally closed for traffic by then.
It was as packed as canned Sardine since more than 10 thousands people took part.
Instead, I go for my husband-and-wife weekly routine, Cerok Tokun Hike.
The 2 available car parks are full as usual. That is, many hikers are not runners.
I took the usual mountain trek. It was cool and more heartbeating.
mountain trek
Beautiful natural cool art
Lonely hiker
Less people use mountain trail. Most of them prefer to use tar road.
Tar road is not so taxing for elder citizens, ladies and little children.
But actually we are not so lonely. Naughty monkeys tend to jump
from one branch to another, creating some noises in this
quite and calm environment.
Sometimes I wonder, do the monkeys ever fail to jump over?
Monkey of another species
There are exercise facilities prepared on the stop-for-a-rest
site. Umbrellas are also available for any unexpected rain fall.
sometimes people sleep for a while before continue for further journey
1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5....I'll lift for 20 times for a balance exercise
Am I right? Need to get both hands and legs to work for a
balance work out
Get out from the end of mountain trail, awaiting for me is
the full moon behinds the trees.
Not windy as for today, but the warm sunlight is so
Stop for a chat
Mountain biking is now getting more popular. And
competition is designed in such a way that tar road is used
for upward trail and down hill trail is on the unpaved environment.
Fern leaf
Nice view

Friday, November 14, 2008

Macau, in my eye

I arrived at Macau from Hong Kong using Turbo Jet service.
The queue was quite long, it took me around 2 hours to be on

Either bus or taxi service is as convenience as what is in Hong Kong.
But for a free and easy traveller, I spent most of the time walking
around, searching for the fascinated Portuguese architecture.

I received a surprise welcome

Early morning strolling around

Wake up early to catch up the morning scene,
I wandered around the Monte Fortress.

Monte Fortress looks very similar to Fort Cornwallis back
home in Penang. The only difference is Monte Fortress is a
Portuguese Fortress whereas the later is built by British.
Penang was once a British Colony.

View from Monte Fortress

View from Monte Fortress

a lonely photographer

A peaceful corner at Monte Fortress

Ruins of St. Paul's

Ruins of St. Paul's

Ruins of St. Paul's

Rear view of Ruins of St. Paul's

The Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral rank as the most photographed
site in Macau. What is left standing is actually the facade of the
church of the Blessed Virgin, built in 1580 and severely damaged
by fire in 1835.

Senado Square is another wonderful place for photo shooting.

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, night

Senado Square, night

Furniture Shop

Taipa is a place famous for foods and cookies.

I took the famous Durian flavoured ice cream. It was weird with this
out from Malaysia, in Macau.
Durian is a tropical fruit. It is named "King of the Fruit". This tells
how Malaysian loves it. But for a foreigner, it may be the other way round.

Taipa road scene

Auto stamp selling machine

Another adventurous site to go is Macau Tower where
you can enjoy either Bungee Jump, jumping off from the tower
or skywalking on the exterior of tower top.

yes, why live on the edge if you can jump off

Skywalk on the outside of cold Tower.
Background is the night light of Macau city

Before saying good bye to Macau, I managed to have a few shots at
Venetian Macau Hotel

I am not a gambler. I did not spent any time in
any one of the casino. But until now, I am still saying that
one and a half day stay in Macau is not enough.