Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Rings

I was reminded that none of us are the same as we were yesterday.

I remembered also I have my dreams being kept inside some of the mushrooms.

I saw one of the mushrooms this morning: the rings of many years of dream and sum total of my experiences.

While reading, you are staying at the outer ring.

Where is Alice? She runs here and there, she belongs to the past and the present.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stool mushroom

You can name this mushroom a table or a stool. It grows high up on a tree trunk, even a shrunken Alice too would have difficulty to use it.

Then the mushroom starts a conversation, "Just rotate this picture and your problem will be solved."

What a digital mushroom with a digital solution.

And if I hear it correctly, everything could be achieved digitally.

Alice, you must unlearn and relearn.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fallen Stars

So Alice should have arrived on weekdays; all mushrooms in the jungle are now a simple ordinary mushroom, as simple as everyone of us.

A slime mold whatsapped me then, following by one that was air-cushioning atop a bracket mushroom. Is disguising as a mushroom a trend now, though they are also called moon poo, star jelly or star shot?

They should be prouder to be themselves. Google rang me that Fate magazine described them to be of extraterrestrial origin which float through space!

"As he whose quicker eye doth trace, A false star shot to a mark'd place, Do's run apace, And, thinking it to catch, A jelly up do snatch." - 1641, Sir John Suckling.

Interesting, very interesting! How could Alice miss this part of the Wonderland?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mushroom creatures

We always have the feeling of insecurity, mushroom creatures feel the same.

My instinct tells again they are blending into another form after their identity has been exposed.

I mean no harm, that we used to say. They believed the other way around.

Their power can only change them within the forms of mushroom. They have their limitation.

Only if I know cellphone contact of Alice, mushroom creatures will continue to be who they are as written in the script, and Wonderland and its extensions are still mysterious places.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


A friend messaged me: After eating a few mushrooms, people who were stranded on a strange planet have turned into mushroom creatures.

My instinct tells instantly that they have reached the Earth and are now blending into the crowd of brown mushrooms, because the later are too common to attract attention.

What are they doing over here?

They are Google-mapping for the whereabouts of Alice; they believe she has the clue on how to transform them back to their old selves. A little girl cannot be denied from having a mighty power.

I would not disclose their exact location on Waze, otherwise their departure will end my another possible very interesting finding about the adventure of Alice beyond the Wonderland.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

A mushroom's destiny

From a pin head, a mushroom grew into a big mushroom over a dark night.

Only in the morning it realises  that, though its mycelium spreads over hundreds of square miles, its sky is so shallow. It gets stuck from going upwards.

The world is so big, it wonders why at this point it has chosen to emerge from.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

What mushrooms do everyday

Oh what mushrooms do everyday:

Watching ants arguing and trying to interpret in their context. Posting then on their internet.

Boosting about one's experience in Mario's land and another's in Alice in Wonderland. Neither of them can convince each other, they continue.

Standing still like an honour guard challenging who will collapse first, though the one who laughs last will not laugh long.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lost in Dreams

I continued to pursue what seemed to be so right in these busy weeks, so much so a mushroom talk has become an interlude in these hectic days.

What do mushrooms dream, though superficially they have repeated a same life for centuries?

Did they ever need CPR for  drowning in their sweet dreams?

Dreaming so actively I am lost to know which are dreams, which are not.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mushrooms in Year of the Rooster

It's now entering the eighth day of the Year of the Rooster.

How many mushrooms will I be programmed  to discover in this new year? Yes, programmed; A new year is downloaded annually, every of our intentions and actions are programmed. There may be abnormalities, and it is so called virus infection.

Roosters are not taught to eat mushrooms selectively. They will start hallucinating, but then, the point is, I am fated to show off lesser mushrooms, or in another way, I have to dig and scratch more into the bushes. Hopefully, virus will not be around, I shall still be a usual me.

Future is always unknown. I carry on daydreaming in my blog along with some surviving mushrooms.

Life is made simple, just carry on.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A series of mushroom dreams

(Don't write life with words). 

Though imperfect, quirky, flawed and weird, life is still beautiful when looking from many angles, be it through the eyes of a human, a bird or an ant. 

These is always an inspirational effect, although the cause seldom be known, it is felt when I start day dreaming. 

I do not write life with words, I write it with a series of mushroom dreams. 

Does it involve a hallucinogenic effect as well?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dreamer Mushroom, the Force

This is really a very small mushroom. It is one eighth of the size of a little finger nail. Its snoring is so soft that Alice had not mentioned this mushroom before.

There are many little mushrooms around, even Jedi are no more here anymore. These insignificant little mushrooms continue to dream, to save the dream.

The Force is with them, and they are one with the Force.