Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Two leafs that flapped in the wind were tethered by the tip of a tree branch, in one morning. 

I saw a Cycad Blue on another tip in another morning. 

I wanted to think as normal as you do, as though nothing had happened, as in the eyes of other hikers.

But it was Sunday, a day to switch off my mind again; it was so silent that I heard a story about leafs.

They were butterflies when leafs withered.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Football Games in Jungle

I never believe that a scrum can be engaged in the jungle, until I point my camera to the vines that bind together, and ready for the pushing.

But where is the ball to be thrown into the tunnel? Are you holding it?

The jungle is always so funny. So funny that Rugby League is playing live.

I also manage not to miss watching Champions League. Here you see, Petr Cech is waiting anxiously for the spot-kick.

Will Arjen Robben miss the penalty again?

If yes, he should link to Your Sunday Best.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Very Hairy

He is hairy and ugly in comparison to charming lady flowers.

He always talks hairy stories while making some twists and turns along his hikes.

He is thin, so much so only hairs which are mostly white are obvious; that reflects his age, and how far he has gone gaga.

Somehow these are supposed to be kept to himself ,

But what a silly bug, to be confused by this hairy place,

which it thinks is so incredible, and it can discover more so after wearing Superman's red briefs on its head.

It is a hairy day, which is linked to Your Sunday Best.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Something has camouflaged itself in the lush green environment. It seems to  have successfully transformed all of itself, except body odor, which somehow smells so weird to a bug.

It is so comical every time when I go hiking. My intuition is used more often in comparison to my pair of legs.

To its surprise, such a good hide still fails. Its mouth is big, its eye is big, its sweat is big, and it is astonish.

I choose to leave so to save it from further embarrassment.

But that cannot stop me from pondering: Is it weird or am I who say it is weird that is actually weird?

My weirdness links to Your Sunday Best

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life in jungle

So you think that life in jungle is easy: No overtime, no deadline, no office politics and no pressure from boss, thus making this place a paradise.

The crooked vertebra of a tree suggests the opposite.

Who is the boss out there who stresses the tree in the midst of stereophonic chirping of birds and soothing breeze?

I can tell many of the trees used to release tension when wind is strong. They groan, and they creak, which happened to frighten me away once before. I was new into hiking by then.

Life in jungle is not as easy as it should be.