Saturday, June 28, 2014

Super Mushroom

Do you need some power-ups?
Here I find the iconic red Super Mushroom which increases Mario's size, and helps save his life when being hit by enemies. He is a repeated hero to rescue Princess Toadstool.
You may not necessary be a Super Mario, but a real life hero or heroine, especially when anarchy reigns and villain rules, to save you and your family.
You decided to have power-ups.
So perform the pudgy Mario's jump, high and higher, and to break blocks as many as possible. Painful heads? It is worth it. 

Remember not to miss to collect the Super Mushroom.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Made It Finally

Though muddy and dripping with sweat, I emerged finally from the dark underworld, and am delighted to learn immediately that macaque peeing on me is an unavoidable kind of warm welcome.

Spider the webmaster comes forward to rent my office right away. The giant ant offers me free full-body massage before its business goes online.

Breeze is soothing, the luxuriance of lushness is gorgeous, and so is the blue sky.
But not the pounding footsteps that keep coming back. These are as life threatening as an atomic bomb.

Though I do not mind the stinky socks and the stomach gas.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Being Hit

My mushroom kid has been hit by the atomic-bomb-force stomach gas. It fell and lay flat. Half of the onlookers were capturing the drama on video, while the rest were texting over the Internet. "Like" would pour in.
No no no. This is so ridiculous and does not happen in the world of mushrooms.
As a matter of fact, this mushroom was confused by "copyright protection". Copied that, left was right, and it emerged from a wrong exit.
That makes it looks lying flat so innocently and straining its waist crazily.
Misfortunes never come singly; it somehow has a stray follower.

Friday, June 6, 2014

At the Height of a Mushroom

We as kids follow our parents to carnivals or parades. Adults enjoy the shows, we watch their backsides. They talk about excitement of the performances. We talk about being pushed and squeezed by their big bums and being hit by their stomach gas.

Once relax, they forget to clench their butts.

We as kids view the world at our heights, but lose these experiences after growing up. It is easier to enjoy life than to clench and hold the muscles.

Endless stories can be derived at the height of small mushrooms, but don’t try to shrink yourself because of this.