Sunday, April 5, 2009

Woodpecker at work

I thought I had seen woodpecker but actually I did not. This happened in this morning at Cerok Tokun when I saw a piece of fallen wood lying quietly at one side of the trekking path. It must have fallen down during heavy rain at last night. Fallen trees or woods are not abnormal to me because on and off I find that, be it big or small and living or rotten, they have to surrender themselves to the strong wind and heavy tropical rain.

What had drawn to my attention was the round hole found on the wood. It must be done by no other than a woodpecker.

I had not seen the woodpecker around but I felt I had seen it. It was working so hard by then on the last rescue to the tree though it was in vain at the end.

(Why must it be a circular hole but not other shapes? It is funny to ask myself without having an answer).

By the way, this rotten wood had pulled my attention. I had then pulled the attention of passers-by.

"Hello everybody, I am the alien from outer space trying to capture the spirit of the Nature".


Ratty said...

This is a very interesting post. There are a lot of woodpeckers in the forest where I've been going lately too. I hear them every time I go. I get to see them easily right now, because there aren't any leaves on the trees yet.

I have not seen a hole like that yet though. I was wondering why the holes were circular too?

Those other people might think of you as an alien, but if they knew that you were having so much fun, they would beg you to be their friend.

Lisalicious said...

its cute how they build their nest

hahah if it is square, then everyone will wonder more why is it square lol

roentarre said...

People said that woodpeckers are the doctors of the forest

They are very unique looking birds and I would love to get pictures of this lovely creature

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: It is amazing the woodpecker is able to make a hole on the rotten wood. A great design work by the Nature.

Lisalicious: Yes, the question will then come to no end. Thanks for the comment.

roentarre: They are the doctors of the forest, wonder what is the failure rate... LOL