Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Green-eyed Monster

You are entering a restricted zone right now and may be then towed away like a illegally parked car. It is your decision now and you are taking at your own risk.

Well, you have made up your mind with no regret. Let follow me to the inner part for some nice waterscape. As you can observe, this is really a small dam. The images of tree have almost covered half of its surface.

The quiet and empty security post seems to have retired from its usual function, and most importantly, there is no any riffle being pointed towards me through the window. If you take a look at my previous post, there is an opening under the walkway and above the wall. This is where water is released during a few days of continuous heavy rainfalls. By the way, I thought I have captured a blue Kingfisher flying across the water, but it is not really after a few reviews and scanning.

A interesting quiz strikes my mind when I am writing and looking at the shadow of the metal fencing in the picture. What do you think the time was at that moment?

Looking to my right side, the second picture thus reflected what has actually been imprinted in my mind. I always love the mirror-like water surface that tells the true story of the actual things. You should have enjoyed a few if you have walked along with me for all these times. If not, these water colour or not an ugly duckling are nice as appetizers. Otherwise you can find some similarities at Mengkuang Dam.

Please do not be over jealous of the vastness of greeneries which almost overwhelms my surrounding, either on top of or on the water and you will then end up as a green-eyed monster.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post. I love learning about new places through pictures..It is a mental trip to get away from where I'm for the moment!

WiseAcre said...

Great views, I like the calm waters and reflections. I'd enjoy spending a day relaxing there. (if I could forget the sign with the extreme warning)

Ratty said...

It's a good thing that sign is from a past time. We will see green like that here in about a month, but I am maybe a green eyed monster because I don't get to walk across my dam like you do yours.

betchai said...

i love the water and reflection of trees, blue sky and clouds in it, it looks so peaceful, green and lovely out there. wonder why they have restricted sign there? it is so peaceful and calm it would be lovely to spend my time there.

roentarre said...

I truely like the beauty in the reflections of the water in this series of images in deed.

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC: You have your mental trip, I have my physical trip. Both help to release us from the working pressure.

WiseAcre: Why not flying over and I shall cover up the sign.

Ratty: It always need to break some rules for additional experience. It is sad to say.

betchai: The sign is a warning for our safety beyond that point. It is a restricted area. But I smuggled in.

roentarre: It is great I have discovered such a nice place for some pictures.

The Retired One said...

The greens are so lush in these photos...I really liked them.

The Retirement Chronicles