Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lovely Morning, Now and Three Years Back

This is a bend in the picture that makes me recall; it was three years back:

a misty mystery morning at the other side of this bend, during which I thought of Alice's Wonderland. Time spins, light revolve, and colours remix since then, and dimensions of different phases align today.A new photographic wonderland appears.

It got me walking more than three years to finally realize another wonderment at this side of the bend, but they are only ten steps apart.

And the jungle has gone through "different phases of existence", but ever ready to accompany,   and never boastful or conceited, in all these years.

How long is three years? A ten walking steps distance.

How long is another three years?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making of a Dragon

If a caterpillar is going to be a butterfly, can that piece of wood on my hiking trail be a dragon soon? 

You may not know but it has been here for a long period of time, and continues to evolve, transform or change, day by day.

It will certainly leave as time passes after soaking enough of rain, absorbing enough of sunlight and taking up enough of wind.

How great it is to catch a chance to wave good bye to a dragon before it flies away, but then a round-the-clock hike will be the only way. So silly I am.

Nevertheless, I am still serious about the making of a dragon, when a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly.

And of course, if the Peterbilt 379 transforms into Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Juggler From the Jungle

I am amazed to find a juggler playing with a crystal ball in the jungle. The ball rolls from left to right and back and forth over its abdomen under a macro view, though its fore legs seem to make only little movements.

I save my applause for it though feeling very excited. I start shooting immediately.

The show lasts only for a few seconds before the ball disappears in the grassland. The juggler is then only one of the ordinary ctitters in the jungle, but I do believe another joker will always turn up very soon.

Are you saying I am the next one? Okay, I hear you.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Light is Great

What happens if pots of gold spill over like a spewing volcano? What if it happens silently? Only the jungle, and the "critter" with a big single eye and a long neck that zooms back and forth know.

The jungle would lasso as much gold as possible, as though these are some loose bulls.

The young sprouts find themselves having a luxurious golden bath.

A branch shaped fossil is casted on a carpet of old-aged mosses. That is of greatest bonus since value grows as time passes. Old age is not a burden.

How about the big single-eyed thing? It moves around and enjoys winking like a sexy lady.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day With a Bug

It noticed me, though upside down, but I continued to take time to setup tripod and extension tubes, and to clear blockages.

It was busy gnawing, chewing and eating while I was busy snapping; no, this little bug seemed to be curious again about the passer-by but wasted only another second or two.

I had then sacrificed a whole piece of flower in return for a high level of photographic satisfaction, but a flower a day keeps my cucumber away, that is not good.

It was however good not to see the bug again the following day.

It suffered from indigestion after a heavy meal.