Monday, April 27, 2009

Monkey and the Cat

I would like to bring you back to the dam for a short line before telling you my new encounter today. I checked through my hard disk and discovered the first picture. Feeling kind of uneasy if I have not registered it in my website. That it's.

As usual, I had my hunting for something interesting with my camera ready on hand after the one and half hours trek. Of course, I was soaked in sweat and stank to high heaven. Surely you would not like to get any nearer.

This was what had happened to a monkey. I spotted it, I got closer, anyway it tried to move away for a safer distance. Was that assumption right? Absolutely no, there were actually something that had attracted this monkey. If you look carefully, you may find many raw green fruits on the ground. They were Rambutan. I am not going to tell more about them today. But I'll come back when these hairy fruits are fully ripen in red colour.

As I moved step after step, this monkey somehow finally reached to the bottom of a Rambutan tree. My next move will then see it going up the tree, leaping to the next and back to the wild.

Incidentally, a cat should have observed our game and appeared suddenly between us from nowhere. This was a very close encounter that kept the monkey in surprise. It was alert, it screamed, it jumped, its eyes looked as much fierce as you could imagine and it signalled why not go for a fight. The cat seemed to be not interested to go nearer. The monkey kept jumping and waving its hands in an aggresive mode. Before a real fight started, the cat roared and retreated quaickly to the underneath of a car.

All these happened within seconds, though it is lengthy in writing.

It was weird to see such a rare happening.


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome story, and it's rare to get so close to the monkey for a photo session! said...

Nature gives us clear examples how to survive and triumph in this world.

Ratty said...

Great story! In the last picture, the monkey's feet are off the ground. I can see that he was jumping up and down because of the cat. The whole thing is kind of funny and exciting, but I'm glad neither one got hurt.

I like that first picture too. I have a lot of pictures that I would like to post, but then I never get the chance. I'm glad you got to post yours.

Sharkbytes said...

I really have a hard time getting my head around a place where there are just monkeys running around wild! Very interesting.

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC: It is not as difficult as you think for a close session with monkey, but it is really rare to have cat and monkey together.

Yeo: Everybody learns from nature and we survive. That's great.

Ratty: The picture with monkey jumping came unplanned. Thanks for the visit of that cat.

Sharkbytes: Without all these monkeys my life may have been so bored. Hahaha...

Mike said...

Rainfield what an interesting encounter. You mentioned one of my favourite fruits in your post so I look forward to hearing more.

rainfield61 said...

Wait til these Rambutans are ripen, I'll bring you some.

The Retired One said... exciting!!
I can't imagine being somewhere where there a monkeys all around. Amazing.
And no more talk of stinking to high heaven! HA

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