Sunday, October 26, 2008

Experience on Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

The whole journey requires 2 days: pick up from Kota Kinabalu town in the morning if you stay there. Start climbing up at around 10:00am. Reach Laban Rata Resthouse in the evening.
Take an early sleep at around 7:00pm. Start for the peak at 2:30am. Reach peak at around 6:30am. Return and arrive at resthouse by 9:30am. Pack up and reach starting point by 2:30pm.
(Route map thoughout the whole climbing trail from Timpohon Gate to Low's Peak:
Meal is available at the resthouse.

Need to fully charge your mobile phone before leaving Kota Kinabalu town since no electrical point is available in the resthouse.

Must bring:
(As need to back-pack throughout the whole climbing, best is to get minimum clothing)
1. Winter clothing, glove and hat
2. torch light
3. Panadol (best to bring along)
4. Chocolate bar (to refill energy)
5. Disposable rain coat (for poor weather)

The Climbing
Climbing up Mount Kinabalu is not a very tough job because mountain treks are well built.

The climb starts at the Timpohon Gate (1866m).

By the time I reached Laban Rata Resthouse, 3222m above sea level, still in normal clothing, I felt nothing different. But once knowing the temperature was 10 deg C, Wah!!! I was feeling cooooldddddd, chilling.

The most enjoyable part is that you can see the changing of types of tree and scenery at different sea level.

There are water supplies along the way before Laban Rata Resthouse.

Do not give up to reach Low's Peak for the sunrise.

You will not regret to come to Mount Kinabalu.

But as number of visitor is limited to around 140 per day, it is better to book ahead, suggested to be 6 months earlier.