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Friday, October 17, 2014

Mushroom has a Small Win

Small wins make great presents.

Missus and I followed trail marks last Sunday to explore a new hiking trail. With guesses at many junctions over this an-hour-forty-five-minute journey, we managed to reach the peak with relief.

Three pieces of giant stones that were nicely stacked up are a fascinating eye-opener.

But the dialogue between a lonely mushroom and a naive plant is attractive.

"Join me as a mushroom?"


"Ever know this guy and Sallie?"


"Mushrooms are their topics."


"They are then our topics."

Its small win in the making makes me nuts.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Micro Dreams

I am a daydreamer. I dream little dreams of the forest .

But I never expected but happened to find countless of micro dreams. They pop up close to the forest floor and blink like sparkling stars with fairy dust sound effect; they must be right at the tip of a wizard’s magic wand.

It is this magic the universe uses to make dreams come true. 

The mushrooms dreamed micro dreams:

"You sneezed hard the whole night."

"Wind brought rain. Rain soaked me in coldness."

"I could feel the earth shake while you were doing that."

"That's how bigger mushrooms help smaller mushrooms to mushroom."

Friday, October 3, 2014

Seventh Layer of Rainbow

Red is the colour of passion, and confusion that made me thinking both of these red mushrooms are same.

I am wrong the moment I start writing. Writing gets me right when my brain is greased.

Mind drilling further red becomes the colour of love, hungry lips, and a sudden halt in the midst of heavy traffic flow. Things happen fast. Red force closes all my irrelevances and day-dreams, and drives me back to the colours of weekday.

I have to cliff-climb from the "very blue" in order to reach the top layer of a rainbow.

By then red is the colour of Sunday, and also passion.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Phenomenon

I am addicted talking to these many varieties of mushrooms which have been now a phenomenon.  The DSLR that would never turn me into a ballerina is my faithful translator.

They come in different colours of outfits and hairdos. Old-fashioned or trend leading, dazzling splendour or plain dullness, some of them keep a distant but I cannot shout. Others, who stay right in front, are fond of listening to my clicking whispers.

Unlike the darting centipedes, they are always enchanting and elegant. 

Only because they enjoy doing catwalk in the wild, instead of busy at a boring toe counting contest.

Friday, September 19, 2014

When a ballerina and a mushroom meet

Distance is now shortened, time can be intercepted, and the unbelievable coincidence happens, in the Internet.
Internet Courtesy
A mushroom meets a ballet dancer.

Mushroom, battement tendu, jungle, ballerina, spotlight, tutu skirts, dance floor, mushroom ballerina, and music goes, The Sleepy Beauty.

The slim vertical line shadows the flexed body; the pirouette work follows the pointe, and many smiles.

Thousands of miles apart, they who we name differently enjoy performing similarly are only separated by a thin line of time space.

In there exists a wonderful coincidence.