Rooms :

Friday, November 21, 2014


My mind had gone blank in an exam again. Panic. Sweated so much. 

To my relief, I woke up to find that it was just a dream.

I am still awake while hiking at Cerok Tokun. Wide awake to day-dream.

Some mushrooms have a big head, other a thin one. Is intelligence the size of a brain? Does their heart gives the brain its vision? Do they spend most of the time day-dreaming like me?

Do they have exams in their world? 

Those must be a nightmare for they are sweating in most of the time when I meet them.

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's a Small World

Hundreds of spiders are so miniature that they look like a lump of dirt. This lump starts to disintegrate when my "up-close" curiosity overwhelms. 

I think of whom to follow initially, but chasing two rabbits means catching neither. I turn to continuous high speed, focus on the big lump and hand over everything to my luck. 

It is easier when the miniature mushrooms are not rabbits.

With such a skinny body, their heads look abnormally huge, and their lucks are very much required when a small breeze comes up.

That is the side effect of extreme dieting.

And bald-headed, and the whole body shrinks under this unshrinkable head that contains a hard brain that determines to be miniature.

And small is beautiful.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Duet, Cicada and Mushroom

I follow its voices and am surprised that this cicada stays put even we are only within an arm's length. 

It is normally a low risk-taker that used to turn round and hides behind the tree trunk, or simply flies away. 

Then captured by the radar screen of my camera is a mushroom with a big brain and a long neck.

It suddenly dawns on me that both of them are on stage for a duet.

The mushroom sings songs that voices can never share. They are echoing in the well of silence.

This is Simon, that is Garfunkel.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Mushrooms Sing Like Seashells

I like rain. It cleanses, it cools and it brings mushrooms to life.

The mushrooms are bright or plain, big or tiny, reachable or far away, simple or fancy; they pop up from nowhere to everywhere. 

I read that a musician was threatened to be sued on behalf of the mushrooms for copyright infringement to the songs he had composed. This is of course absolutely ridiculous.

But mushrooms do sing and singing makes them always look lovely and pretty.

They sing like seashells. 

When I go up-close, I can hear the forest whispering in my ear.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Superman Gathers No Mushrooms

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An extra millimeter a day leaves the other mushrooms behind. Persistence rules. 

Bit by bit and day by day, the drops of rain mark the stone.

Bit by bit and week by week, I shall collect enough mushrooms to make my webpage a mushroom garden. 

When a sea of talkative mushrooms meeup, how noisy but how unbelievable exciting it will be.

Just bit and bit, day by day, week by week and year by year, slow and steady.

Superman is just too fast for this. He is a rolling stone that rocks and rolls in the sky. 

Superman gathers no mushrooms.