Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year

A new file will be downloaded, while the spherical machine is spinning around the Sun at one revolution per year. This is hyper slow relative to a solid-state drive, but slower is better.

But the fern sprouts just cannot wait that slow, they have been in love, and are kissing, and are going to get married, in this festive season.

The green little plant is emerging and arising, along which benchmarks will be made and stories of multi-altitudes can be told, and hence a funny blog is always available.

A new file belongs to the Year of the Horse is readily written, though no one is competent to read it minutes or seconds ahead, it is full of wishes.

(Lunar New Year falls on 31st of Jan. Happy New Year).

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Harmony of the Nature

Without a halo around their heads, does a paradise exist in the world of trees? Is it only invisible to an incompetent people? With one sky above our heads, we are somehow staying in an earthly paradise. 

Under their shelter, in a poolside office, how relaxing a spider is to lie in a hammock, wearing sunglasses, drinking ice-cold cola and singing "We will rock you".  Yes, what if.

And a slow snail is faster than me; it crawls out from the vantage point when I am ready, but it will never laugh since the echoes in the shell is deafening.

Everyone lives in an earthly paradise; it is not metaphysical.

Friday, January 10, 2014


The very things I love to do are hiking and photography, and by staying right in these, they inspire a sense of communion with Nature.

Leaves rustle, trees creak, Puff-throated babblers tweet, Long-tail macaques hoot, and wild boars roar; fog veils, breeze waves, light beams, moss layers, and mushrooms mushroom; sweating profusely, breathing heavily, following the twist and turn, and hopping off the straight and narrow; Alice in Wonderland, Freddy Krueger, Indiana Jones and superman, are once one of the talks.

A big heart greets me this morning; that is why I love hiking and photography.

Let’s walk, and talk.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Golden Dusky Leaf Monkey

(We find friends from unexpected directions and moments).

And so I befriend a golden baby of a Dusky Leaf monkey,

but I am not in the spotlight as interesting things are quite handful, from the tail, fresh leaves to overlooking the new perspective of 2014 in the eyes of a baby, except me. 

2014 to a monkey?

“City Dog, Country Frog” tell stories for at least three seasons, my one-way friendship ends in a moment, when our presence was taught to be a disturbance, when the mother leaps into the new perspective, carrying together with her the golden baby.