Friday, July 25, 2014

Click Photography

I shoot very close-up view of mushrooms today. The magnification fills the frame on my retina, so powerful it runs my adrenaline high, so big it superimposes negativity from the hangover of a yesternight TV program, in which mushrooms are unluckily related to war as mushroom clouds.
The original mushroom is peaceful, explosively beautiful and bombastically entertaining, yet usually unknown and unloved, but this it prefers. Stay low.
A click of shutter button required a second, a push of button to release a missile required the same, but endings are extremely different.
Things get easy if everyone clicks only photography.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Bug

An unseen swallowed fly is a blessed misfortune. A fly found exercising the backstroke in the half-full bowl of soup is disgusting.

A kingdom of white mushrooms discovered is a present. A bug appears in the right place at the right time is an unexpected bonus. 

A red rose in a candle light dinner is love and romance; it is a denial if “Roses are not red”.

A bug is only a bug until there is a correlation. It is then the salt that was added to the chicken soup. If in red, its magic powers exceed David Copperfield's. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brazil cries, mushroom laughs

Life is too short for a brown mushroom to get worried about nothing, but it camouflages against a brown termite nest. It never escapes from my eagle eyes; taking pride in this, my mouth curves-up again.
While shooting in various positions in hope of attracting admiration on the Internet, for that good feeling I love very much, the mushroom stands out unexpectedly. My story is exposed as poorly made-up, though not as catastrophic as how Brazil set a record when losing to Germany 1-7 in World Cup 2014.
Life is never too short for stories.
Brazil cries, a mushrooms laughs.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mushrooms, Big and Small

Hair thins, lentigines grow, yet every day is an enthusiastic day.

I love playing the game of seeing eye to eye, and they are so good to be in my game; as a matter of fact, everyone is a so conscious living being with thoughts and emotion.

I like stories, and am always overwhelmed with stories which continue to come forward every weekend.

I especially like hikers who get on their hands and knees playing that big single-eye and leave with their mouths curve-up, big enough to hold lots of satisfaction and self-confidence.

The elder tells the other mushroom.