Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kindness of Nature

This is one of my enjoyment when I do my hiking in the morning. A green dense forest provides me with plenty of cool air rich in oxygen, and layers of mountain ranges rise and fall behind the morning fog in the far distance. In between, people down there may have started their daily chores or still have yet to return from their dream in this Sunday morning.

This is a rare moment for this beauty because the combination of weather (cool temperature after a raining night) and time (before the morning sun have lost its temper) must be right. And yet this is the best time to fall back to the bed for a nice comfortable sleep.

We do not need to pay anything, I mean, it is free to enjoy all these. Nature is always kind enough to us.

The place is Cerok Tokun, my weekend lover.


Ratty said...

The mountain range in the background covered in fog is absolutely beautiful. Morning in Cerok Tokun must be a great to hike. You have such wonderful thoughts of all of this.

roentarre said...

The cloud and the fog creates an outstanding view for this heavenly view

WiseAcre said...

Great scenes. I don't see many early morning views - It's against my religion to get up early. So this is a dreamscape for me.

The Retired One said...

I always love the fog and/or mist pictures. And good for you, hauling yourself out of bed in early morn to capture these! I am too lazy, but you have given me incentive to try and get some in the future!
The Retirement Chronicles

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: Morning scene is cool and inspired, it is the best if added with some wetness.

roentarre: This is the reward after the hike. No pain no gain, the old saying still holds.

WiseaAcre: You may then miss most of your am and see the world in pm.

The Retired One: So much say about early bird and early bird must then have the privilege of viewing all these.