Friday, November 25, 2011

Hide and Seek

The little spider wants to avoid me, "No working on Sunday, or pay me double!"

As I am always visible in size, the spider tries to disappear from my sight whenever I arrive. But I am a homo sapiens who always take control of the situation. It can never escape from the corner of my eye as long as it starts losing patience, and makes some movement, though it is tiny.

It is out there posing for me. Who cares about voluntary or otherwise. Result counts.

It stays in the world of homo sapiens, that's it.

"No overtime claim!"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thinking Out of the "Shell"

Does a snail think outside or inside the "shell"? It seems like not putting the brakes on its thinking, and action. Its patience is the speed that gets it moving steadily from high to low, from low to high, and at where we cross each other.

It should have plenty of time to spend on thinking during travelling, if it thinks outside the shell. Does it think the mirror image of what I have thought? 

What does it see when thinking inside the hot and stuffy shell? It should not think inside the shell. The echoes of its sound of laughter can make it deaf, when thinking of something really funny, as funny as me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Weak Triangle

I found these bees because of porterweed, and I always come back to the porterweed then because of the bees. We have formed a triangle, but bees sip honey and pollinate flowers, the later never get stung.

I need to maneuver very cautiously in the midst of humming sound on the other way, while those flowers continue to live and blossom, even without me.

My vital role is only a paparazzi. I confirm further when I click the next one from a far distance.

What if they tell the press that "they have been chased by a paparazzi, and he run lights, and he chase them and harass them the whole time. And it has certainly gotten worse?"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Morning with Ladybirds

It was one morning after a rainy night. Every wrinkle of the inconceivable antiquity of nature was well hidden under morning dew, but that never lasted long. The later was evaporated very soon in the warmth of the sun.

I was slow, too slow to capture only a few small drops. I did not explore what the wrinkle would look like, as I was distracted by some obvious ladybirds. And I was lucky, these bugs never got evaporated.

If I continued to be slow, I could be evaporated instead. Could I?

But I was ready to face the sun for many more shots, for those I had the obligation to make sacrifices.

I was still myself, but was suntanned, like what had happened to the ladybirds, in the end.

How silly an old rogue was, in a lovely morning.