Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Spider Story

Although spiders are my favorites in photography, I have however overlooked one of these arthropods in the jungle last Sunday morning.

That spider would never compromise. 

He gripped firm onto the car door, swung his body from side to side whenever I made sharp turns, squeezed his body flat to the surface, and his face was highly distorted against a wind speed of 90km/hr, but fluttering hairs no. He is bald.  

He managed finally to follow me home safely, so a full attention of my camera was honored.
And this is a golden moment for him who persisted and had the vision to grab it as such.

What can I say? Every simple life is always silly after all, and is so simple silly.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Not A Simple Joy of A Simple Life

It is the joy of spiders when cobwebs overwhelm the jungle.

While most people believe a spider is so creepy, being able to make it looks the other way round is surely the joy of an old man.

If it happens to turn into a handsome celebrity like a frog into a prince, this is then beyond the simple joy and the simple life of a simple old man.

However, a spider that was seen in last week was still a spider today when I went hiking this morning.

It has somehow spent a week to weave an X. What was then its intention?

It might not be as simple as it could be. Could it mean for Adults Only? A Kiss? X-man....

Friday, November 16, 2012

Grow Wiser In Wet Days

Mushrooms have never looked so whimsical before, and not in the day they watched me slip and fall. Oh what an embarrassment in a wet weather.

"Stop giggling right the way, please."

"We grow wiser every time we fall, that you should have heard before."

As being a bit wiser, I was able to notice a glittering mushroom hiding in a narrow corner. A single shot was manageable before people started to stuck in a jam behind a shy me. 

So good to be wiser, but not shyer.

Isn't it? 

One after one I shall find more and more funny mushrooms. As rain keeps falling down, I shall get wiser, wiser, and wiser.

In such a hard way.

Link to Your Sunday Best.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mushrooms Are Funny

It is a day where mushrooms are so funny. You see.

A bunches of mushrooms would like to be of a different class and brand themselves as "Coral Inside". That sounds familiar enough. Do I have to pay royalty for writing and showing this over here?

At the same time, another one of them has apparently looked for ways to outshine others by staging at a hanging twig, and high up in the air. It too has plagued with excessive thought, which to my experience helps little.

Because I can also see the picture of a mother mushroom perching low on the ground with her little kid, enjoying the cool morning wind. It looks simple and ordinary. That maybe a strategy to go back to the basic.

Everyone is overwhelmed by thoughts, and drama flares around them,

thus makes my day seems so funny, as though a life lesson inside a jungle.

Link to Your Sunday Best.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Something Good in Everything I See

I went biking a few evenings back, but was disappointed by an unkempt hawk that seemed weary and not as gorgeous as I could have imagined.

A paddy field, in the other way round, looked prettier even after a long hard day, 

either in back-lighting or the opposite.

Everything may not be good, but there is something good in everything I see. "So why on earth should I moan?" murmured The Beatles.

Colours of sunset had the weeds gone crazy and their body curled and twisted, thinking of slowing down the adrenaline rush.

And I had to race with the sun before it disappeared in seconds, I could have not imagined that too. 

No wonder people says time sinks very fast. 

It sank, from east to west, and has become yours. 

Take it now.