Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rugged Track To A Slum

Though failing to be a king marginally, I am still the king of my kingdom of imagination. Conferment and crown aside, my hike that looked rugged continued,

but seeing me enjoying joyful sunlight on behalf of my camera, between some ups and downs, and twists and turns. 

I then stumbled upon a slummy stopover out of nowhere. That would definitely led me not back to a palace.

My thought outran me again. I might find myself entering into a slum after this stop. 

In just a few steps away, can a Slumdog Millionaire be better than a king?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Thought I Was A King

A mushroom popped up, and came a question out of a sudden, "Who am I if she is an angel of flower?"

This gave me a great honor to confer "Joker of the day" on this little mushroom. My joyful day continued.

And I was so happy to honor a young plant with "Green Knight" at the same time, as it  brought a dead wood back to life.

I thought it was so fun to get going with this,

but not when a bunch of mushrooms appeared in front me. The conferment was now a burden without the assistance of a private secretary. 

I thought I was a king, but was not in reality.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Angel In a Flower

I took a shortcut and mistakenly hiked into a new place. 

Though new, the squirrels still failed my camera as usual. Monkeys were heard jumping from one branch to another in the dense wood. Rocks and trees along the my way looked more like my old friends than strangers.

And I knew this trail would somewhere merged with the main trail.

I knew, because a flower angel was waving lanterns in front of me.

She must have come in a hurry. 

She looked rather disheveled.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Walking Stick

When I saw a walking stick duck walking this morning, I knew that it was, the topic of my next post.

I pulled my camera out, but tried in vain to locate its eye, a window to the soul, each of its body parts was colored so identically, yet I believed I did take a few quick and intelligent guess shots.

It eye is only a tiny black dot in the monitor screen, but big enough to show the nervousness. It never seems to enjoy living in the "media" spotlight. 

I wonder how it manages to learn that in a short life span of about one to two years.

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