Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trial and Error on Loneliness


As I wandered around further, both "Kampong" (or villages) and paddy fields continued to alternate with each other. The view was kind of stagnant, but this should not be my philosophy. Things would be different when I changed my perspective from macro to micro or vice verse.

Not too far away from the site of animals' gathering, I discovered a small wonder which in fact had been in my mind earlier.

I took this trial shot. It was not per my plan. My intention was to let the tree looked very lonely to the extreme. I assumed only then people would have felt it.

I moved the tree further back to enhance the impact. It was not as great by a amateur. There were more what if's to be answered.

I tried to remove most of the colour. The final result is not my ultimate aim, anyhow.

What I intended to tell is this little Kangar is full of fun under my camera.

(Be it far apart or close to each other, the sense of loneliness will be there in the absence of all the care).


Ratty said...

You are right, the tree does look lonely. Maybe it's new best friend is the sun. So far, Kangar looks like a beautiful place.

Unknown said...

hi bumped into your blog from yanz's, pai sei i need to ask you this where is penang national park?

will be back again

rainfield61 said...

Hi Eugene, the entrance to Penang National Park is at Teluk Bahang Fishing Village.
If you reach the roundabout at Teluk Bahang from Georgetown or Batu Ferringi, go 12 O'clock. You will see the entrance at the end of the road.