Friday, February 20, 2009

My tree at Lembah Bujang


It is interesting to discover some fruits grow differently from what we have observed normally. Usually fruits emerge from branches but fruits in my post today are not.

When I first found the tree with "climbing plant" along the trunk, my perception told me this was nothing but just another ordinary climbing plant. When I followed the vine until to the bottom, I was wrong that the vine was actually part of the tree.

No fruits were detected on top of the tree, (it might not be now yet), but grew on the vine. It was their striking colour that pulled me for a closer encounter.

But there are always hidden danger behind the beauty. Once I indulged myself in the colour and tracking for the origin of the vine, I overlooked the necessity to check the proximity for any red ants which we usually do.

This story is not the continuity of previous post. It is just a coincidence that you may think I have made up.

The red ants were not only found on the vine, but they were
everywhere. And this everywhere is located at Lembah Bujang of Kedah State, somewhere nearby Gurun.

I'll continue in next few posts on some stories about Lembah Bujang. See you then. But before I leave, my words to you: "Again, curiosity kills the cat".

(According to Chinese, by the way, cat does have nine lives. It affords to be curious anyhow).


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tree except for the ants. I was once bitten by red ants years ago up in Reno. That was not fun. Great Post.

Ratty said...

I don't think we have as many dangerous things here, but just like you, I always make sure I look before I touch anything. I think my climate is a little bit too cold for very many biting ants, but we have rattlesnakes and poison plants. Is the fruit on your vine poisonous?

roentare said...

What really captures my attention is the red fruit. It strikes an excellent balance against the green background :)

Climbing plants are usually better avoided in the resident. In Feng shui, the climbing plants are the analogy for backstabbers. The more of them, the worse. :)

rainfield61 said...

Jodapoet...For us, bitten by ants is one of the path to go through.

Ratty... I did not tried since the tree is unknown to me, and I believe the monkeys have never tried either.

Roentarre...It will be a long story to talk about Feng Shui. Do not know how is Feng Shui in the eyes of Australian.