Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural Water Color


Only now I realised that I have gone underground earlier. I thought I have only passed through a cave, kind of a tunnel. To my opinion, it should be the emergence from underground, the synonym of chrysalis, that let me discover more new but interesting experiences, although these always happen only when I was sitting in front of my notebook to review those pictures of the day.

For this case, I did actually focus at taking some pictures of little fish found in the creek at valley of Wang Tangga . My experience told me this was not an easy task because the shadows of trees, sky, sunlight as well as ripples would make the fish insignificant. But finding Nemo alike drove me to follow tight on them. I snapped many and hopefully to get a few to hit the mark.

I did not see neither fish nor Nemo in all my pictures. Instead their swift activities drew a perfect water colour painting in return to my faithfulness to them.

Alice must be happy enough to appreciate this water colour drew solely by fish. Hopefully you are as well. Otherwise, this is a bonus to you who follow my blog so sincerely: one of my favourite pictures on bridge in the valley.


Ratty said...

I thought it looked like a water colour too when I first saw it. Those fish made a nice picture. I always have trouble getting pictures of fish too, but they never make art for me.

I like the picture of the bridges very much too. I like bridges a lot, and those are good ones.

WiseAcre said...

I would have used the bridge photo as my computer background if it was larger. Not only was it a great photo but the bridge had a style that I would like to copy if ever given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bridge and it is very beautiful place.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty...The water color effect by the fish is amazing. In fact, the picture is original without any processing which I am not good at.

WiseAcre...I have a new post of the bridge with bigger size. Hope you like it.

Pakistan Travel...Thank you for your visit.