Monday, February 23, 2009

Waterfall, the path of time


It is always a surprise to encounter something that is not expected or planned for. The only response I can have is just a O shape "Wow".

The waterfall is located not right in front of Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum, but it will not be missed out no matter how because of its size. By the time I arrived, the hot afternoon sun might have driven people away and that helped me to capture some "silent" pictures.

It is not dangerous to go up to the top if walk with precaution on the wet slippery surface. Top of the fall was nothing but a slow moving little stream by the time. It was gentle enough to be a mirror for the daily make up of the flower and gentle enough to make people losing imagination on her tremendous look later.

Further then I could see water had gathered some momentum, started to turn from gentle to a little bit furious. I meant a little since the fall must be drumming down loudly during monsoon season. The water flow marks would never have chances to hide any secrets but to show us how and what the falls have done onto the rocky surface.

It has done the most when the falls keep rushing and drumming down repeatedly in day and night. The traces of dark unrecoverable carving proved to be the most memorable parts of past ages.

Anyhow, the final fall before water returns to ground and converts into a creek provides a good natural massage to those who have chosen the right location. It is located at the bottom right corner in the next picture.

The power of time and nature can never be underestimated which you must agree with me. The gorgeous artistic look on the last picture should have given us the answer. At the same time has registered down the path of time.


roentare said...

The water and the flow do reveal the path of time.

In fact, the images are sooo green and subtropical looking. I miss Asia!

betchai said...

oh, i agree with you, the power of time and nature can never be underestimated. I love waterfalls, and yes, even if it may have no water at some time of the year, for it is when water is less that I see the carvings of the water, very powerful and very artistic, and thank you for reminding all of us that.

WiseAcre said...

Now that's a 'water slide' I can appreciate. I love the way the stream flows over the smooth rock. It's much more peaceful than what I see around here.

Rick (Ratty) said...

It's great to see what time and nature can do when they work together. Waterfalls are some of their greatest creations. This is a good unique waterfall, and I like all of them.

I see that you had to change your comments system, because the other way wasn't working. Mine was having the same problem. I tried to comment here yesterday, but none of the in-page comments on Blogger were working.

rainfield61 said...

roentarre...Green is the friendly colour. It belongs to the nature.

betchai...nobody can resist power of time, and we grow old.....

WiseAcre...Bet you be the first to play with the water slide.

Ratty... It is to bore with only time around, combination of both time and nature yet create a lot of unknown or wonders.

Lrong Lim said...

Feels good to see pictures of my home state Kedah... makes me want to visit the valley the next time I am back for a holiday...

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

What a fascinating place to explore! I am glad you did and brought these gorgeous photos back to show us!