Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Discussion Between Animals

I had been to Kangar for many times, detailed exploration to its perimeter is still yet to begin. In the mind of everybody who I know is either unknown or worthless to visit to this small place. I did not have the right to disregard the beauty of mother nature, I was here just for the intention of lifting up her face mask.

In fact on the way I was driving from Butterworth to Kangar, I noticed that harvest season is right over. The remaining of paddy stalks were left rooted on the cracked piece of land waiting for hot sun to dry them up. Some of them had already been burnt as a way to be recycled as fertiliser. The feeling on what I had seen was somehow different, I was expecting something wonderful.

And then I spent sometimes strolling around. The story begins.

On one of the wide stretched paddy fields I spotted a cow. Yes, a cow should not really stimulate me so much, but with the tall stony mountain at the back and a tiny cow in the middle of a flat piece of paddy field, it should be a great view to reflect the loneliness of the cow and the impact of my picture must be sensible.

I clicked, I zoomed in and out. On my view finder, then I discovered there was a white image beside the cow. I thought it was just an ordinary white piece of plastic water pipe initially. Yet it moved. It was fun and interesting to see a bird out there.

These two animals seemed to have some discussions. The bird kept waving its head while it was talking, the cow listened carefully. I observed for a couple of minutes, bird chaired the discussion and did most of the talking.

The cow might get some points and started thinking. Pondering upon the issues with the head being supported by the dried muddy land, as what we do when we place our chin on our hand. The problem might be very serious. The birdie began to walk back and forth. Its silent friend did not seem to offer any help, it was too hungry in the midst of a lengthy meeting, it started eating.

The discussion continued for more than ten minutes. There was still no conclusion made. This was the most difficult part of a meeting when everybody just keeps mum, pretends knowing nothing and throws the ball back to the chairman for the decision.

The ball was now on the hand of the birdie. I could not help. It might get frightened and flew away if I went near. Then the problem would be dragged further without a solution. Situation always turn complicated when third party who thinks he know the most get involved.

I decided to leave them alone and continued MyJourney.

When I looked back, poor birdie was still walking back and forth....


Ratty said...

The bird talks too much, and the cow doesn't talk enough. Maybe they're a perfect pair. Maybe the cow was a good listener, and didn't want to interrupt the bird.

Great pictures, I have never seen a bird and a cow together like that. Very interesting.

rainfield61 said...

Like we always say, opportunity comes and goes. Hope you will grab yours in the near future.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Now only if I can hear their conversation! You are a fantastic interpreter though..