Friday, February 6, 2009

Mysterious tracks


When came out from the cave, I spent my first minute to scout around the valley. I have discovered two mysterious places.

I overheard that there was a water fall about 20 minutes walking distance from here. It sounded quite interesting since the fall was a big one. When I walked to the gate, a couple greeted me. They confirmed the waterfall. And they added that I must be careful since there might be tigers wandering around in the jungle. Yes, your are not mistaken, they mentioned tigers. In order to soothe me, they explained there might be no more tigers because they were not seen for a long time. What kind of advice it is. Was I going to toss a coin to decide go no go? I penetrated for a distance of 50m, and analysed what they said about there were no others inside there now. I was not a real adventurer. I surrendered and retreated. I did not want a search team to look for me after my family waited for my return in vain.

The rusty gate opened in a such a unfriendly way, I murmured. I did not see the couple waiting for my come back and clarified that was just a joke.

There was another mysterious site beside the exit out from the cave. I discovered it when I thought of leaving the valley.

There was a slope on the left side of the cave. I followed the staircase for the way up. Not too far up, I met monkeys chatting and jumping off from tree to tree. I made a left turn along the quite trail, then I saw a ladder was built to connect the trek to a mysterious end.

It was a simple shaky ladder. There was no "No Trespass" signboard. It was not barricaded. Nobody was around to be consulted on the purpose and the way it led to.

The decision was easier to be made this time than the previous one. I was not here to try this.

I waited for a while, nobody appeared either from the higher end or from the valley, except the noises made by the monkeys and the branches of trees.

That's all, curiosity kills the cat.

MyJourney will share with you some interested pictures in the next post. See you then.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

These spaces look so exotic to me... so different from my landscape.

Ratty said...

Even the thought of tigers makes me afraid. I'm glad you did not actually meet any. The trail I'm going on tomorrow might have coyotes. I saw one of them in my backyard last summer. They can be dangerous too. I wish we had a few monkeys around here.

WiseAcre said...

I love the jungle setting but the thought of Tigers would put a damper on my exploring too. I'd go but first I'd make sure I had company that I could out run with me.

I'm not sure I could resist the stairs/ladder. My curiosity would get the better of me.

rainfield61 said...

Sharkbytes...Only because they are exotic that we can write our own unique stories and share it with our lovely friends at every corner of the world.

Ratty...Just to make my friend happier, I am thinking of taking some pictures on monkeys. Maybe that of mother monkey carries a baby.

WiseAcre...I get your point. I shall invite you for the next trip. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's me Alice! I love all your wonderful stories and pictures too. I just adore your whole website. There are so many interesting things on your site.

Your friend,

rainfield61 said...

Alice...I learnt the writing skill and method from Wonderland, so I shall continue trying to talk in your language without much deviation.

It is so touching that you spent so much time to browse through my whole website.