Monday, February 2, 2009

Guard of honour


I was on my way to Gua Kelam, or Cave of Darkness. It is less than 30km or about 20 minutes driving distance from Kangar. The driving experience along the way was not bad as the traffic was little especially upon reaching the Cave. I should thank to this little traffic that the road condition is still in excellent condition after couples of years. I could even slow down my car for a few pictures through the windscreen while driving.

All paddy fields were replaced by rubber plantations in the setting.These rubber trees were ordered to stand straight and still in neat line up like a guard of honour saluting me.

To many of our children rubber trees are only planted in text books. The text books taught them that the cups on the trees are for collecting latex. But text books are limited right in the way that our urban children do not know how to hug or appreciate the trees.

Trekking in rubber plantation should not be an enjoyable experience and I had not done before. My aunt was a rubber tapper and she met snake Cobra quite often.

Scenery at countryside is refreshing. On the way back to Kangar, I "frozen the moment" using my camera before I proceeded to the next second. The two mountains, they must have names that I have never known, appeared in such a fantastic pose for a good introduction to the world: Hey! Perlis is a beautiful state.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I love the two mounds (rocks?) with the road headed NOT for the space between. It must curve, but it just looks too funny... like many of us with an easy path if we could only find it... instead we drive for the rocks.

Anonymous said...

I like the two rocks view and sky background...

Ratty said...

I agree with the other two. I like those two mountains too. I wouldn't want to meet a cobra near those rubber trees. The only poisonous snakes we have here are rattlesnakes. I have to be careful, because there are some in a few of the places I like to go.

rainfield61 said...

Sharkbytes... After driving further, the two mounds hid behind rubber trees.
We look at things differently at different timing, and it might be an easy path earlier...

Olenx...Sometimes I need to break the rule (shooting while driving) for a good picture.

Ratty...I do not like snake, either poisonous or not, dead or alive, run free or keep in cage.