Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some other stories


You were with me for the past few posts on Gua Kelam, hopefully the journey was very much entertained with good perspective on its natural look. "Since love grows within you, so beauty grows".

Before I move away from here, I would like to share some of the other creatures which I have met.

These were not wild deer that run freely in the jungle. Their lack of activeness were common to all other animals that live in a zoo. What else they can do other than eat and sleep? They even did not bother to look at the visitors. To them, we were just another bored passengers who "hu hu ha ha" outside the fencing.

On the other way, the dragonflies were really part of the nature. They flew high and low swiftly once I got close to them.

So far I discovered only red and green dragonflies. It should be more than these, only that I had not seen others.

On the way to research around for the origin of the name "dragonfly", (I did not somehow get an answer on this), I found that in some places, dragonflies have often been seen as sinister, what a pity to these little things. They are linked to evil, horse possessed by the devil, Hell's mare, eye poker or eye snatcher.

This should not be the fault of this insect. Human is just too creative to make fun of them.


roentare said...

Very great set of images here!

Great photography!

Ratty said...

Very interesting about the dragonflies. I've always been fascinated by these insects. I like their bright colors. We don't have many insects that big around here.

rainfield61 said...

Roentarre... thanks for your comment. Hope that I am able to improve continuosly.

Ratty...I was told that we are able to catch the dragonflies by turning our finger in front of their eyes, way to paralyse them. Sometimes it helped, but most of the time they flied away before I managed to start.