Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cave of Darkness, Episode 1


The Cave of Darkness, it may sound a little bit of spooky and mysterious by its name.

I could see a dinosaur looking down at me from top of the hill. The unfriendly look position had been there for centuries, yet seemed that the dinosaur wanted to carry on for another centuries.

Viewed from the outside at the other angles, it was actually a limestone cave surrounded by hill side with tarnished black wall.

I remembered when I was a kid, we needed to carry torch lights to brighten our cave walk from one end to a different end for a distance of 370m.

When we talked, there were weak echo coupled with the sound of a swirling dark subterranean stream and intermittent sound of dripping water from the stalactites, this really created some horrified atmosphere. It was further reinforced by the haunted sound purposely produced by the elders.

During raining season, the sound of music by the dark stream roared like a rock and roll concert beneath the suspension wooden bridge.

By this long time ago, I still remembered we had to watch our steps as there were some missing planks here and there.

To add further mystery to my story, this was once the home of Stone Age men.

This put in a lot of fun to my trekking adventure which needed a very adventurous heart and mind. I am a trekker who once sprinted away very quickly when a tree started to talk. Yet to see what I had done on this trip.

I'll continue in next post. See you next time.


olenx said...

Interesting story about Gua Kelam

Ratty said...

The things you talk about are only in movies for me. It must have been a great adventure. A suspension bridge would be fun by itself, but then a cave is one of my favorite things.

WiseAcre said...

haunted sound purposely produced by the elders

Those are just my bones creaking and my lungs wheezing :)

rainfield61 said...

Olenx...There are too many stories from a mysterious place.

Ratty...There are many caves located at the nearby states. Hopefully I can share with you all after I have visited later.

WiseAcre...Please don't creak and wheeze so hard. The echoes may sound too odd!!