Sunday, January 18, 2009


I met a tree when I was on my way leaving Penang National Park. It should have well camouflaged itself earlier.

It is kind of so shy to met a stranger, but there is no way to hide this, it is so obvious. You should know what I mean, if you look at the picture. I have never encountered a tree that is so shy before.

I have met a tree with scary face, I have met a tree who tried to talk to me but finally found me run away on the spot and I met a tree voluntarily made itself as a signboard to ask people to slow down. They are so brave out in the jungle, and this must be the way to survive.

But contradictory, this tree is as shy as a small kid to the stage that its face, its whole body becomes so red.

I tried to do some research and I laughed all my way. This tree is so shy, it hides itself behind various names under different circumstances. It calls itself differently even in the same country:

Preferred Scientific Name: Melaleuca cajuputi Powell
English: swamp tea-tree
Australia: paperbark tea-tree cajuput tree
Indonesia: kayu putih
Malaysia: kayu putih, gelam, gelam tikus
Thailand: samet
Vietnam: chè dong, tran, chi cay, bach thien tâng

It is as funny in the world of trees as in that of human.


Ratty said...

Be very gentle when you talk to a shy tree, so it doesn't hurt itself trying to run away. A long time ago Alice told me that some trees pull themselves out of the ground, and move around.:)

rainfield61 said...

Hopefully I can get Alice be with me one day, leading the way to find tree that sing, that dance etc.

Stephen said...

Me too. Hoping to see such miracle happened.

rainfield61 said...

Stephen.... Nice to have you back again. Having the trees to sing and dance is not a miracle. They always sing and dance once they have the feel to do so. There are no rules and regulations in their world.


You've got great articles! Write more. You've got talent.

Til then!

YourPCInfo said...

Strange tree indeed....I have seen a lot of crooked trees,but I am yet to see the red-shy tree....Strangely that's the only red tree I can find in the picture...May be its lonely?

rainfield61 said...

Free All Cards... Thanks for your encouragement. This really motivates me a lot.

YourPCInfo... Yes, I get you. The reason why the tree is red-shy should be it is too lonely.