Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Appointment with trees

It is fun to see people presenting trees differently from our normal view.

I have tried once, the experience was not bad. I am by then addicted to this and always think of further exploration. Only trees with big trunks or many branches produce gorgeous looks, I have a bundle of such trees in my jungles, along my trekking trails. Yes, I mean my jungles, they are belonged to me. Of course, they are belonged to you as well, if you like.

I have learnt enough thus I got permission from the trees everytime before I leaned forward and captured their pictures.

The bottom portion of this tree was rotten in such a way it produced a unique natural carving on its body. I did not able to show it clearly as not to over-expose the top. The stretching branches looked so small, they seemed to be very far away from us. In fact, it was a tall tree.

Let me tell you, when I was taking that picture, surrounding trees were as happy as a kid, they came so close to say "Cheese". They were all in my picture. I think Alice should like to join as well. It was the same for the second picture. Mengkuang tree refused to go away although I persuaded and promised to snap a few of its later. I understood that Petai tree was its closed friend for years.

What I want to show here is the "embedded branches" on the trunk of Petai tree. It looks outstanding over a smooth and whitish skin.

The shooting had to be done in a fast mode, as along this Penang National Park, eyes after eyes seemed very funny to me, as I were so odd to them as well by having some very odd photographing positions.

The eyes were belonged to the trekkers, but who knew, the tree were also watching, laughing, sharing and spreading the jokes around which would last for another decades.


Ratty said...

Those other trekkers just don't understand the trees as well as you do, that's why they gave you funny looks.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty, that is the reason I missed Alice so much.