Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wishing Everybody a Happy and Prosperous Year of Ox

Tomorrow is the New Year Eve. I have been thinking of how to greet my fellow blog mates for quite a number of days.

Everybody is busy at cleaning up the whole house, hopefully to clear away all unwanted items and to welcome the new luck. By then, decoration will be put up.

My plants are also adorned with red and golden ornaments. How can I leave them alone on this festival? And I decided to greet everybody through the silent whisper of these little plants.

May the New Year bring happiness and Success to everybody.


Ratty said...

Happy Year of Ox to you! I'm just learning about this holiday, because we don't celebrate it in the USA. But I like the things I understand about it so far. It makes me think we should learn more about it where I live.

Stephen said...

Happy 'niu' year to u dude. Thanks for the drop by. :D

rainfield61 said...

Ratty, I am glad that someone on the other side of the globe know a little bit more about our culture.
Stephen, Happy new year to you too.