Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meromictic Lake, Kerachut Beach

Meromictic Lake, a field of mudflats. Pantai kerachut

I acquired some new experiences from Pantai Kerachut recently. A meromictic lake that results from natural phenomenon has layers of water which do not intermix.

It was low tides at the time I reached the beach, the lake looked like a field of mudflats with only some water flowing on low areas. Wonder why there were no birds flying around looking for foods. During spring tides, seawater enters through the opening which is on the left side of the picture to fill the lake slowly. At the time I made my move, although seawater started to enter the lake, it might be too early and I did not actually witness the phenomenon that fresh water at the top and sea water at the bottom.

The background forest was where we had walked through earlier.

Though we saw only mudflats at the meromictic lake, the stream that connected the lake and sea was clean enough that I could find little fish swimming. They were swimming beside the rocks under the wavy shadow of sunlight.

These fish are even more alert than the little crab. I had to hold my position for a few seconds, standing still in the water, waiting for them to come back before I managed to take their pictures.

There was once a discussion between two Chinese Philosophers in ancient time. "You ain't fish, how can you know the happiness of fish?" "You ain't me, how can you know that I do not know the happiness of fish?"

I did not know how happy the fish were, but I knew that the water is refreshing cool with my feet dipped inside.
Walked further, I saw a black creature stuck itself, inside the water, onto a piece of rock. And it moved slowly. Upon watching closely, it was a parasitic crab.

I did not know whether I had it in my camera because I was not able to preview under bright sunlight. I had to run to and fro the shed a few times, then that is what you are seeing now. For your eyes only.

I tried a few times, it should be its instinct to crawl downward instead of backward in order to runaway from my disturbance. Isn't that crab should walk sideway?

I know myself. I asked my family. And I concluded that we did enjoy ourselves at Pantai Kerachut.

You better stick to me. I shall bring you more fun at Pantai Kerachut when I return.


Ratty said...

It's interesting that fish will actually swim away from a person. I found that out when I was looking at them from a bridge. I never knew before that. I've had the kind of problems with the bright sun like you did with your crab picture too. I always hope I got a good shot when that happens, but I never know until I get home.

rainfield61 said...

Actually, I learnt some new photography skills by looking at what others did during my journey. It is an eye opener.

Many people came here for photography as well.

Stephen said...

Nice beach. May I know where is Pantai Kerachut? Thanks.

rainfield61 said...

Welcome. Pantai Kerachut is at Penang Island.

roentare said...

In deed very interesting. Good captures of the creek

rainfield61 said...

Thanks. It is very interesting to write little by little everyday, as well as thinking of where to improve and how to improve. Reading other's is a good method to learn.
This apply to photography skill as well, especially for a beginner like me.

Bornean Rose said...

Observing nature and reflects it into our daily life on how we living our life....we will find something interesting because nature will always teach us something...