Tuesday, January 27, 2009

make-up of trees

I must agree that trees behave like human. They have their own thinking and like.

I have another discovery to prove my point when I browsed through my hard disk, the man- made accessory which let human brain to have excuse to forget something.

You see, this is the benefit and fun to go jungle trekking.

Trees needed decoration as well to make them beautiful. Before went to party in the windy evening, they somehow got themselves dress up. Though to us the gowns were not as colourful as what the celebrities were having, but to the world of trees, the gowns were surely similar to that belonged to Cinderella.

The only difference is after the clock had struck twelve, the gowns would never disappear.

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Ratty said...

On most of my trees the gowns disappear when the weather gets cold. Then when it warms up, they get a fresh new one. I guess they like to have a new spring outfit every year.:)