Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 at the Esplanade, Penang

I'll stop for a while the Discovery of Penang National Park and Kerachut Beach.

There was a New Year Countdown at the Esplanade, Penang.

Thousands of people poured in from all corners to witness the Bye-bye to 2008 and Welcome, 2009.

At that moment the clock showed 12:00 midnight, the sky was painted with various colours of enjoyment and hope; wishing 2009 to be a better year, no war, no further economical downfall; wishing both our state and federal government will bring safety to our environment and wishing them to be wiser in solving people's problems.

The ceremony lasted for a short seven minutes. The groups of people started to disperse like flowing water.

And the night returned to its usual calmness. As peaceful as everyday, and peacefully forever.

Happy New Year 2009.


WiseAcre said...

Happy New Year

Ratty said...

Hmm, I must have hit the wrong button when I tried to comment before. I did that once before on WiseAcre's site too. Anyway, Happy New Year.

I'm not sure if we do too many fireworks around here on the New Year. Maybe because it's usually so cold. I usually end up staying inside by myself without too much celebration on that night, so maybe I just don't see them.

rainfield61 said...

WiseAcre and Ratty, May 2009 bring you happiness.

I went very close to where firework was being played that day, ashes just fell down like rain.