Friday, January 9, 2009

Reading and Jungle Trekking are alike

(I pondered. I has the feeling that this experience and jungle trekking, or even mountain trekking, are alike).

I spent some times reading posts today, one after another, from one blog which further link to other. I stayed with patience reading posts that were longer than I have ever read before, and most of the writers were those I first came across. I went in slowly for a good understanding on their thinking.

When I sat back, I pondered. I had the feeling that this experience and jungle trekking, or even mountain trekking, were alike.

For the past few years, I went from one trail to another whereby there were long and remote treks, and some are short and nearby. I did not know how the nature would be until I got my feet in. I learnt something new that encouraged me to travel further.

......I have the tendency to show up-going trekking trail in my posts. We climbed a small step and felt very proud when we were young. We tried our limit when we get stronger. Of course, people continues to try our limit and potential as well. Everyone calls this Challenge.

......The journey may be painful, and it may be fruitful. That's why I am still dreaming of
Mount Kinabalu after almost a year since I have climbed to the Low's Peak.

(The background is not the Low's Peak actually)

And my journey continues. Day after day. I continue to read and wander around. To catch up new knowledge, new experience and new friends.

(This is my thought today. From reading on posts which then pulled trekking together. Sort of wild crazy. Should be having too much reading).


Ratty said...

I was thinking the same thing about reading blog posts and hiking. I'm glad you wrote it, I never thought to write this kind of thing.

rainfield61 said...

What was said by my ancestor, "To read ten thousands books, to travel ten thousands miles".

Ambo Upe said...

Attractive photo, hope visit it someday

rainfield61 said...

Ambo Upe,
Hope you will like it and get addicted. Mt KK is very beautiful.

Jinghui said...

I came across your blog via Blog Catalog and I immediately strike a chord in me on your travel, trekking and photography adventures.

Saw your Mt Kinabalu post, brought back beautiful memories

We do love to read others travel adventures too !